smṛtiḥ memory; BG 10.34
smṛtiḥ remembrance; BG 15.15
smṛtiḥ memory; BG 18.73
smṛtiḥ remembrance; SB 1.6.24
smṛtiḥ to find one's proper duty; SB 1.16.26-30
smṛtiḥ remembrance; SB 2.1.6
smṛtīḥ remembrance; SB 2.1.36
smṛtiḥ memory; SB 3.26.30
labdha-smṛtiḥ having gained his memory; SB 3.31.9
smṛtiḥ memory; SB 3.31.15
smṛtiḥ memory; SB 3.31.23
naṣṭa-smṛtiḥ bereft of all intelligence; SB 4.28.27
aśruta-smṛtiḥ without remembrance of spiritual existence; SB 4.28.59
gata-smṛtiḥ being forgetful; SB 5.5.7
smṛtiḥ remembrance of the activities of my previous life; SB 5.12.15
labdha-smṛtiḥ the lost consciousness is regained; SB 5.12.16
smṛtiḥ whose remembrance; SB 5.14.10
veda-smṛtiḥ Vedasmṛti; SB 5.19.17-18
smṛtiḥ the remembrance; SB 5.19.22
janma-smṛtiḥ the remembrance of birth; SB 6.1.49
ātma-aiśvarya-smṛtiḥ remembrance of the exalted transcendental position of Me, the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 6.9.47
smṛtiḥ the memory (of Nārada Muni's instructions); SB 7.7.16
smṛtiḥ constant remembrance; SB 7.9.50
smṛtiḥ memory; SB 7.10.8
hari-smṛtiḥ remembrance of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 8.10.55
indriya-smṛtiḥ realization of the actions of the senses and memory; SB 8.11.48
apagata-smṛtiḥ having lost consciousness; SB 10.3.53
naṣṭa-smṛtiḥ having gotten rid of the memory of seeing the universal form within Kṛṣṇa's mouth; SB 10.8.44
smṛtiḥ remembrance; SB 10.10.20-22
āgata-smṛtiḥ remembering Himself; SB 10.18.28
smṛtīḥ their memories; SB 10.47.38
smṛtiḥ the memory; SB 10.64.25
smṛtiḥ remembrance; SB 10.69.18
smṛtiḥ remembrance; SB 10.73.15
akuṇṭha-smṛtiḥ whose remembrance is undisturbed; SB 11.2.53
mat-smṛtiḥ realized knowledge of Me; SB 11.11.47
smṛtiḥ self-realization, remembering one's eternal identity; SB 11.13.6
smṛtiḥ remembrance; SB 11.13.35
smṛtiḥ remembrance; SB 11.22.38
smṛtiḥ observation of the past and future; SB 11.25.2-5
smṛtiḥ memory; SB 12.2.1
smṛtiḥ the smṛti-śāstras, which explain the Vedic literatures; CC Madhya 22.6