śravaṇa hearing; SB 1.2.17
śravaṇa ears; SB 1.3.4
śravaṇa hearing; SB 1.8.35
śravaṇa-puṭeṣu within the earholes; SB 2.2.37
śravaṇa-mańgala all good simply by hearing the name; SB 2.7.15
śravaṇa hearing; SB 3.16.6
śravaṇa hearing; SB 3.33.6
śravaṇa ears; SB 4.9.6
śravaṇa to hear; SB 4.29.39-40
śravaṇa hearing; SB 5.9.3
śravaṇa by hearing; SB 5.14.2
śravaṇa-pūrvāṣāḍhe the stars named Śravaṇā and Pūrvāṣāḍhā; SB 5.23.6
śravaṇa to the ear; SB 6.18.41
śravaṇa hearing about whom; SB 8.17.8
śravaṇa-dvādaśyām on the twelfth lunar day of the bright fortnight in the month of Bhādra, the day famous as the Śravaṇa-dvādaśī; SB 8.18.5
puṇya-śravaṇa-kīrtanaḥ He is simply worshiped by hearing and chanting, by which one becomes purified; SB 9.3.34
śravaṇa by hearing; SB 9.10.10
śravaṇa-ādīni the activities of bhakti-yoga, beginning with hearing and chanting; SB 10.6.3
śravaṇa-utsuke being situated in hearing with great transcendental pleasure; SB 10.11.34
puṇya-śravaṇa-kīrtanaḥ hearing and chanting about whom is the most pious activity; SB 10.15.41
śravaṇa-mańgalam giving spiritual benefit when heard; SB 10.31.9
śravaṇa and ears; SB 10.34.23
śravaṇa hearing about; SB 10.38.27
śravaṇa hearing; SB 10.41.16
śravaṇa on their ears; SB 10.41.25
śravaṇa through hearing; SB 10.87.40
śravaṇa of the ears; SB 10.89.20
śravaṇa by hearing; SB 10.90.50
śravaṇa hearing; SB 11.2.13
śravaṇa-sambhṛtayā which is reinforced by the process of hearing; SB 11.6.9
śravaṇa-kīrtana O You, hearing and chanting the glories of whom; SB 11.6.42
śravaṇa-ādibhiḥ by the ears and other senses; SB 11.7.7
śravaṇa hearing; SB 11.11.11
śravaṇa by hearing; SB 11.14.26
śravaṇa hearing; SB 11.15.6-7
śravaṇa-ādau in the matter of śravaṇam, kīrtanam and so on; SB 11.20.9
śravaṇa-priyam only enchanting to hear about; SB 11.21.31
śravaṇa-ādi the ears, the sensation of sound and the demigods of the directions; SB 11.22.32
śravaṇa just to hear about whom; SB 12.11.25
śravaṇa by hearing; SB 12.12.54
śravaṇa hearing power; CC Adi 4.244
śravaṇa while hearing such blasphemy; CC Adi 7.51
śravaṇa aural reception; CC Adi 7.104
śravaṇa-ādi devotional service, beginning with hearing; CC Adi 7.141
śravaṇa hearing; CC Adi 8.16
śravaṇa hear; CC Adi 13.122
śravaṇa-mātre simply by hearing; CC Adi 15.5
śravaṇa hearing; CC Adi 16.52
śravaṇa hearing; CC Madhya 1.117
śravaṇa ear; CC Madhya 2.31
vedānta-śravaṇa hearing of Vedānta philosophy; CC Madhya 6.121
śravaṇa hearing; CC Madhya 6.121
śravaṇa hearing; CC Madhya 6.124
śravaṇa hearing; CC Madhya 6.126
śravaṇa hearing; CC Madhya 6.127
śravaṇa hearing; CC Madhya 6.285
śravaṇa hearing; CC Madhya 7.152
śravaṇa-madhye out of all topics for hearing; CC Madhya 8.255
śravaṇa topic of hearing; CC Madhya 8.255
śravaṇa-kīrtana the process of chanting and hearing; CC Madhya 9.258
śravaṇa-kīrtana hearing and chanting; CC Madhya 9.261
śravaṇa-ādau in the matter of śravaṇam, kīrtanam, and so on; CC Madhya 9.266
śravaṇa hearing; CC Madhya 10.114
śravaṇa-mańgalam giving all spiritual benefit to anyone who hears; CC Madhya 14.13
śravaṇa from hearing; CC Madhya 16.186
śravaṇa of hearing; CC Madhya 17.51
śravaṇa kara go on hearing; CC Madhya 17.121
śravaṇa from hearing; CC Madhya 18.125
śravaṇa of hearing; CC Madhya 19.152
śravaṇa-ādi jala the water of śravaṇa, kīrtana and so on; CC Madhya 19.155
śravaṇa-ādau in the matter of śravaṇam, kīrtanam, and so on; CC Madhya 22.61
śravaṇa-ādi-kriyā the process of hearing, chanting and so forth; CC Madhya 22.106
śravaṇa-ādi by hearing, etc.; CC Madhya 22.107
śravaṇa hearing; CC Madhya 22.121
bhāgavata-śravaṇa hearing Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam; CC Madhya 22.128
śravaṇa-kīrtana hearing and chanting; CC Madhya 22.156-157
śravaṇa-kīrtana hearing, chanting and so on; CC Madhya 23.10
śravaṇa-ādi consisting of chanting, hearing and so on; CC Madhya 23.29
śravaṇa the ear; CC Madhya 24.6
śravaṇa-ādyera of hearing, chanting and so forth; CC Madhya 24.62
śrī-bhāgavata-śravaṇa regularly hearing the recitation of Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam; CC Madhya 24.339
karaye śravaṇa hears; CC Madhya 25.239
śravaṇa hearing; CC Madhya 25.253
śravaṇa-icchā desire to hear; CC Antya 1.137
śravaṇa hearing; CC Antya 3.69
śrī-nāma-śravaṇa hearing the holy name; CC Antya 3.243
śravaṇa the aural reception; CC Antya 3.271
śravaṇa-kīrtana hearing and chanting; CC Antya 4.65
karaha śravaṇa hear; CC Antya 5.8
śravaṇa karite to hear; CC Antya 5.81
karāya śravaṇa causes to be heard; CC Antya 5.96
kṛṣṇa-kathāra śravaṇa listening to discourses on topics concerning Kṛṣṇa; CC Antya 5.159
karena śravaṇa would hear; CC Antya 7.81
nā kare śravaṇa do not hear; CC Antya 7.91
karaha śravaṇa you hear; CC Antya 7.94
kairāchena śravaṇa had heard; CC Antya 8.50
śravaṇa hearing; CC Antya 9.82
gāna-śravaṇa hearing of the song; CC Antya 13.136-137
śravaṇa ears; CC Antya 17.25
śravaṇa the ears; CC Antya 17.40
hṛdaya-śravaṇa the ear and heart; CC Antya 19.111
vidhāna-śravaṇa hearing of the process of writing; CC Antya 20.103
śravaṇa by hearing; NBS 37