śrutam heard; BG 18.72
yathā-śrutam as I had heard it from the liberated souls; SB 1.6.15
śrutam following scriptural injunctions; SB 1.16.26-30
śrutam heard; SB 3.6.36
śrutam have heard; SB 3.12.28
śrutam was heard; SB 4.7.60
śrutam was heard; SB 4.29.56
śrutam heard; SB 5.25.11
yathā-śrutam by remembering the instruction (of celibacy, brahmacarya, not even to see a woman); SB 6.1.62
śrutam heard; SB 6.14.9
śrutam heard; SB 6.18.7
śrutam heard; SB 7.6.28
śrutam which I have heard; SB 7.11.5
yathā-śrutam as I have learned by hearing from the authorities; SB 7.13.23
śrutam Vedic knowledge; SB 7.15.26
śrutam has been heard; SB 8.19.23
śrutam the education; SB 8.19.32
śrutam I have already heard; SB 9.1.2-3
śrutam have all been heard; SB 9.10.3
śrutam material enjoyment as promised to the fruitive workers for future happiness (either in this life or in the next, in the heavenly planets and so on); SB 9.19.20
yathā-śrutam as she heard about Him from the others; SB 10.23.35
śrutam heard about; SB 10.41.28
śrutam they had heard; SB 10.43.21-22
śrutam heard; SB 10.46.43
śrutam heard; SB 10.52.18
śrutam heard; SB 10.75.1-2
śrutam what he had heard; SB 10.87.48
śrutam has been heard; SB 10.90.41
śrutam heard; SB 10.90.47
śrutam material happiness which is heard of; SB 11.10.21
śrutam that which has been heard; SB 11.12.14-15
śrutam listening to scripture; SB 11.23.45
śrutam heard; SB 11.25.31
śrutam heard; SB 12.12.57
śrutam experienced by hearing; CC Madhya 25.37
śrutam heard; CC Antya 1.142