stanam breast; SB 1.14.19
stanam breasts; SB 3.23.25
stanam at the breast (of your mother); SB 6.14.57
stanam the breast; SB 10.6.10
stanam the breasts of whom; SB 10.6.14
stanam the nipple; SB 10.6.30
stanam her breast; SB 10.6.34
tat-stanam that breast; SB 10.6.34
stanam her breast; SB 10.7.11
stanam her breast; SB 10.7.34
stanam the breast; SB 10.8.23
stanam the breast milk; SB 10.8.46
stanam her breast; SB 10.9.5
stanam the milk of my breast; SB 10.11.15
stanam from the breast; SB 10.30.15
stanam from her breast; SB 10.85.54
stanam by the breasts; CC Madhya 8.77
stanam the breasts; CC Antya 7.34
śrī-yaśodā-stanam-dhaye sucking the breast of mother Yaśodā; CC Antya 7.86