hṛt-stham situated in the heart; BG 4.42
sarva-bhūta-stham situated in all beings; BG 6.29
eka-stham in one place; BG 11.7
eka-stham in one place; BG 11.13
kamala-āsana-stham sitting on the lotus flower; BG 11.15
kūṭa-stham unchanging; BG 12.3-4
dūra-stham far away; BG 13.16
eka-stham situated in one; BG 13.31
śarīra-stham situated within the body; BG 17.5-6
śarīra-stham situated in the body; BG 17.5-6
ātma-stham situated within myself; SB 1.6.15
hṛdi-stham situated in the heart; SB 1.9.10
bhuvi-ṣṭham while standing on the ground; SB 1.15.17
ātma-deha-stham situated on the bodily self; SB 3.5.27
ātma-stham situated in Himself; SB 3.12.32
kūṭa-stham situated in everyone's heart; SB 3.24.5
stham situated; SB 3.28.25
ātma-stham situated within his body; SB 4.20.8
kūṭa-stham fixed; SB 4.20.11
ātma-stham situated in self-realization; SB 4.23.18
ātma-stham within your hearts; SB 4.24.70
eka-deśa-stham lying down in one place; SB 6.16.53-54
āśrama-sthām residing in an āśrama; SB 6.18.56
ātma-stham situated in the heart; SB 7.1.9
hasta-sthām while still in the hand of Bali; SB 8.10.43
kūṭa-stham within the core of the heart; SB 9.10.14
ratha-sthām who was seated on the chariot; SB 9.23.34
jala-stham situated upon the water; SB 10.14.15
pārśva-stham another situated beside it; SB 10.15.33
svabhāva-stham based on conditioned propensities; SB 10.24.16
stham situated; SB 10.60.1
stham present; SB 10.62.4
stham standing; SB 10.66.38
sthām situated; SB 10.68.1
stham situated; SB 10.77.27
saubha-stham sitting in the Saubha plane; SB 10.77.29
sthām seated; SB 10.80.25-26
sthām riding; SB 10.86.9
stham situated; SB 11.10.11
antaḥ-stham situated within the body; SB 11.14.36-42
stham situated; SB 11.15.25
ātma-stham situated within himself; SB 11.18.40-41
hṛdi-stham seated within the heart; SB 11.21.28
ātma-stham situated within the heart; SB 11.26.1
sthām situated; SB 11.27.23
hṛdi-stham within your heart; SB 12.3.49
ātma-stham situated within the bodily covering; SB 12.5.9
yat-stham one who is situated at which; SB 12.8.42
sarva-bhūta-stham within the hearts of all living entities; CC Adi 5.77
sarva-bhūta-stham within the hearts of all living entities; CC Madhya 20.251
goloka-stham situated in Goloka; Bs 5.26
antara-stham situated within; Bs 5.35