sthira-buddhiḥ self-intelligent; BG 5.20
sthira fixed; BG 12.18-19
sthira-jańgamānām of all the moving and nonmoving; SB 1.17.34
sthira-careṣu in the inanimate and animate objects; SB 3.31.16
sthira-carāṇām of the immobile and mobile manifestations; SB 3.32.12-15
sthira not moving; SB 4.31.15
sthira nonmoving; SB 6.16.43
sthira-jańgamāḥ moving or nonmoving living entities; SB 7.8.7
sthira-jańgamānām either stationary or moving; SB 8.17.28
sthira-jańgamāni moving and stationary; SB 8.20.25-29
sthira-prajñam but was all the same determined in his decision; SB 8.21.28
sthira-jańgamāni nonmoving and moving; SB 10.7.35-36
sthira-jańgamāḥ both nonmoving and moving; SB 10.16.5
sthira-jańgamān all moving and nonmoving creatures; SB 10.19.7
sthira motionless; SB 10.35.4-5
sthira within the unmoving; SB 10.80.3
sthira stationary; SB 10.87.29
sthira-cara-vṛjina-ghnaḥ the destroyer of all the ill fortune of all living entities, moving and not moving; SB 10.90.48
sthira all nonmoving living bodies; SB 11.7.42
sthira-cara-nikarāṇām of all the nonmoving and moving living beings; SB 12.6.69
sthira-cara of the stationary and moving living beings; SB 12.8.42
sthira jańgama of both the nonmoving and the moving living beings; SB 12.12.68
haiñā su-sthira being very patient; CC Adi 6.87
kaila sthira fixed; CC Adi 9.16
sthira pacified; CC Madhya 1.126
su-sthira silent; CC Madhya 4.46
su-sthira steady; CC Madhya 6.35
su-sthira pacification; CC Madhya 6.212
sthira hañā being pacified; CC Madhya 6.212
sthira steady; CC Madhya 8.199
su-sthira hañā coming to their senses; CC Madhya 9.322
su-sthira ha-ilā became patient; CC Madhya 9.348
sthira patient; CC Madhya 10.121
sthira hailā became still; CC Madhya 11.226
sthira still; CC Madhya 13.28
sthira-cara-vṛjina-ghnaḥ the destroyer of all the ill fortune of all living entities, moving and not moving; CC Madhya 13.79
sthira kaila stopped; CC Madhya 13.99
sthira hañā being patient; CC Madhya 16.237
sthira-carān to the living entities, both moving and not moving; CC Madhya 18.1
sthira fixed; CC Madhya 22.78-80
sthira steady; CC Madhya 23.111-112
sthira steady; CC Antya 1.168
sthira hañā being without movement; CC Antya 2.45
sthira-cara nonmoving and moving; CC Antya 3.76
sthira steady; CC Antya 5.35-36
su-sthira hañā being in a peaceful condition; CC Antya 12.80
sthira steady; CC Antya 14.54
sthira patient; CC Antya 17.52
sthira haya becomes patient; CC Antya 17.54
su-sthira karila pacified him; CC Antya 18.62
sthira fixed; CC Antya 18.86
sthira peaceful; CC Antya 19.54
su-sthira karāilā made Him pacified; CC Antya 19.62
sthira nahe mana the mind is not steady; CC Antya 19.65
mana nahe sthira the mind is not steady; CC Antya 20.61
sthira steady; CC Antya 20.93