sthiti-ādaye for the matter of creation, maintenance and destruction, etc.; SB 1.2.23
sthiti maintenance; SB 2.5.18
sthiti-padaḥ the reservoir of all material opulence; SB 2.6.19
sthiti maintenance; SB 2.8.10
sthiti maintenance; SB 3.5.16
sthiti maintenance; SB 3.5.22
sthiti maintenance; SB 3.5.43
sthiti maintenance; SB 3.7.28
sthiti maintenance; SB 3.9.14
sthiti maintenance; SB 3.9.16
sthiti maintenance; SB 3.16.37
sthiti maintenance; SB 4.1.16
sthiti maintenance; SB 4.1.26-27
sthiti of the created world; SB 4.1.57
sthiti maintenance; SB 4.7.39
sthiti maintenance; SB 4.29.79
sthiti maintenance; SB 5.1.22
sthiti the maintenance; SB 5.17.21
sthiti the maintenance; SB 5.18.38
sakala-loka-sthiti-hetavaḥ the causes of the maintenance of the different planets within the universe; SB 5.20.39
sthiti maintenance; SB 5.25.9
sthiti the maintenance; SB 6.3.12
sthiti maintenance; SB 6.9.42
sthiti and maintenance; SB 6.12.7
sthiti maintenance; SB 6.16.35
sthiti of the maintenance; SB 6.16.47
sthiti maintenance; SB 7.8.40
sthiti maintenance; SB 7.10.43-44
sthiti maintenance; SB 8.5.22
sthiti-pālana-kṣaṇaḥ the time for maintenance, or for establishing His rule; SB 8.5.23
ajāta-janma-sthiti-saṃyamāya unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is never born but whose appearance in different incarnations never ceases; SB 8.6.8
sarga-sthiti-apyayān creation, maintenance and annihilation; SB 8.7.23
sthiti maintenance; SB 8.12.7
sthiti-janma-nāśam creation, maintenance and annihilation; SB 8.12.11
sthiti maintenance; SB 8.17.9
sthiti of maintenance; SB 8.24.28
sthiti duration of life; SB 9.24.58
sthiti maintenance; SB 10.3.19
janma-sthiti-saṃyamān the creation, maintenance and destruction; SB 10.16.49
sthiti of maintenance; SB 10.24.22
sthiti the maintenance; SB 10.50.29
sthiti of the maintenance; SB 10.63.44
sthiti of maintenance; SB 10.68.45
sthiti maintenance; SB 10.68.47
sthiti by maintenance; SB 10.69.17
sthiti maintenance; SB 11.3.16
sthiti of the creation; SB 11.3.35
sthiti in maintenance; SB 11.4.4
udbhava-sthiti-layāḥ creation, maintenance and destruction; SB 11.4.5
sthiti maintenance; SB 11.6.15
sthiti maintenance; SB 11.11.20
sthiti the life-giver; SB 11.16.1
sthiti the maintenance; SB 11.16.9
sthiti maintenance; SB 11.19.15
sthiti of the maintenance of universal creation; SB 11.22.12
sthiti-antaḥ until the end of its maintenance; SB 11.24.20
sthiti in the maintenance; SB 11.31.13
sthiti-laya-udaya of maintenance, destruction and creation; SB 12.8.45
sthiti maintenance; SB 12.12.67
sthiti maintenance; CC Adi 2.45
sthiti staying; CC Adi 2.45
sthiti the existence; CC Adi 2.104
sthiti existence; CC Adi 2.112
sthiti-kartā the maintainer; CC Adi 4.8
sthiti situated; CC Adi 5.16
tā'-sabāra sthiti the residence of all of them; CC Adi 5.31
sṛṣṭi-sthiti-pralayera of creation, maintenance and annihilation; CC Adi 5.80
sṛṣṭi-sthiti-pralaya creation, maintenance and annihilation; CC Adi 5.105
sṛṣṭi-sthiti creation and maintenance; CC Adi 6.8
sthiti resident; CC Adi 13.103
sthiti composition; CC Adi 16.74
sthiti staying; CC Madhya 1.22
sthiti peace; CC Madhya 1.50
nitya-sthiti permanently living; CC Madhya 1.254
sthiti established; CC Madhya 2.69
sthiti the establishment; CC Madhya 5.133
sthiti situation; CC Madhya 5.135
sthiti position; CC Madhya 16.77
sthiti rest; CC Madhya 17.47
sthiti residence; CC Madhya 18.26
sthiti maintenance; CC Madhya 18.192
sthiti stay; CC Madhya 19.250
nitya-sthiti eternal residence; CC Madhya 20.213
sthiti maintenance; CC Madhya 20.290
sṛṣṭi-sthiti-pralayera of the three functions, namely creation, maintenance and dissolution; CC Madhya 20.291
nitya-sthiti eternally existing; CC Madhya 20.384
nitya-sthiti eternal residence; CC Madhya 21.43
nitya-sthiti eternal residence; CC Madhya 21.91
sthiti the situation; CC Madhya 23.105
nitya-sthiti the eternal situation; CC Madhya 23.116
sthiti situation; CC Madhya 25.107
sthiti the situation; CC Madhya 25.135
kṛṣṇa-sthāne sthiti being situated in company with Lord Kṛṣṇa; CC Madhya 25.200
sthiti existing; CC Antya 1.201
sthiti situation; CC Antya 3.78-79
vāsā-sthiti residential place; CC Antya 4.8
sthiti-artha wealth for maintenance; CC Antya 4.214
sthiti situation; CC Antya 8.42
sthiti living; CC Antya 14.83
prabhu-sthiti the situation of the Lord; CC Antya 15.5
sthiti situation; CC Antya 18.93
ulṭā sthiti the reverse situation; CC Antya 18.97
sthiti situation; CC Antya 20.60
sthiti preservation; Bs 5.44