sthitiḥ situation; BG 2.72
sthitiḥ the situation; BG 17.26-27
sthitiḥ the right situation; SB 2.10.4
sthitiḥ maintenance; SB 4.11.16
sthitiḥ maintenance; SB 7.9.31
sthitiḥ maintenance; SB 10.2.39
sthitiḥ the maintenance; SB 11.16.35
sthitiḥ the situation; SB 12.12.16
rasa-sthitiḥ reservoir of pleasure; CC Madhya 9.117
rasa-sthitiḥ the reservoir of pleasure; CC Madhya 9.146
sthitiḥ residence; CC Madhya 22.132
sthitiḥ residence; CC Antya 1.162
dvija-kula-adhirāja-sthitiḥ the situation of the most exalted of the brāhmaṇa community; CC Antya 1.177