strī-pum male and female; SB 1.4.5
strī the woman class; SB 1.4.25
strī-śūdra-ādibhiḥ api even by women, śūdras, etc.; SB 1.4.28-29
strī-dharmān duties of women; SB 1.9.27
strī-ratna woman who is competent to become a wife of the Lord; SB 1.11.35
strī-kāmaḥ one who desires a good wife; SB 2.3.2-7
strī such as women; SB 2.7.46
strī with women; SB 3.3.21
strī the woman; SB 3.12.54
strī-sahasra by a thousand maids; SB 3.23.35
strī-mayyāḥ in the shape of a woman; SB 3.31.38
strī-sańgataḥ from attachment to a woman; SB 3.31.41
strī female; SB 4.1.4
strī-kāmaḥ attached to sex life; SB 4.2.23
strī woman; SB 4.8.12
strī-jitasya conquered by a woman; SB 4.8.67
strī wives; SB 4.12.16
strī-jitaḥ conquered by women; SB 4.27.18
strī woman; SB 4.28.56
strī female; SB 4.29.29
strī-bhāvaḥ transformation into a female; SB 5.17.15
strī-gaṇa of females; SB 5.17.16
strī-kṛtam obtained because of His wife; SB 5.19.6
strī-gaṇāḥ varieties of women; SB 5.24.16
strī women; SB 6.2.9-10
strī by women; SB 6.13.5
strī a woman; SB 6.19.25
strī of women; SB 7.7.17
strī-ratnāni beautiful wives; SB 7.8.47
strī-nirjiteṣu men who are henpecked, controlled by women; SB 7.12.6
strī-avalekha to glance over a woman or to paint a woman's picture; SB 7.12.12
deva-strī of the damsels of the demigods; SB 8.2.8
strī woman; SB 8.3.22-24
strī-vivāda disagreeing with a woman; SB 8.9.22
strī-prekṣaṇa by glancing at that beautiful woman; SB 8.12.22
strī-rūpayā appearance like a woman; SB 8.12.38
sura-strī of the women of the demigods; SB 8.15.18
strī of women; SB 8.15.20
strī female; SB 9.1.38-39
strī women; SB 9.6.45-46
strī-sukham the happiness of sexual intercourse; SB 9.9.38
strī-sańginām of persons attracted to or connected with women; SB 9.10.11
strī-pum-prasańgaḥ attraction between husband and wife, or man and woman; SB 9.11.17
strī-pumbhiḥ by men and women; SB 9.11.30
strī-ratnaiḥ by beautiful women; SB 9.15.20
strī-sahasreṇa with thousands of other women; SB 9.18.29
strī-kāma O you who have lusty desires for women; SB 9.18.36
strī-puṃsoḥ between the husband and wife; SB 9.19.26
strī a woman; SB 10.8.8-9
strī-janaiḥ with women; SB 10.10.2-3
strī women; SB 10.10.8
sa-strī including the women; SB 10.16.23
strī your women; SB 10.25.26
strī the women; SB 10.25.27
stri and women; SB 10.26.25
strī woman; SB 10.29.40
strī of women; SB 10.33.2
strī-janaiḥ by the womenfolk; SB 10.34.21
strī-janam the women; SB 10.34.29
strī of the women; SB 10.44.18
strī by a woman (Sītā-devī); SB 10.47.17
strī women; SB 10.53.8-9
strī of women; SB 10.55.29
strī of women; SB 10.56.40-42
strī for wives; SB 10.60.20
strī woman; SB 10.60.45
strī-jana of the women; SB 10.65.9
strī women; SB 10.65.18
strī of women; SB 10.90.30
strī-veṣaiḥ in a woman's clothes and ornaments; SB 11.1.13-15
strī-prekṣaṇa (consisting of) the glances of women; SB 11.4.7
strī to women; SB 11.14.29
strī for women; SB 11.27.3-4
strī the women; SB 11.31.25
strī of women; SB 12.1.39-40
svaḥ-strī-yūtha of hoardes of heavenly women; SB 12.8.22
strī-ratna of the gopīs; CC Adi 4.116
strī women; CC Adi 7.25
strī women; CC Madhya 3.138
strī-gaṇa the women; CC Madhya 4.30
strī-saba all the women; CC Madhya 4.30
strī-gaṇa all the women; CC Madhya 4.56
strī-putra wife and sons; CC Madhya 5.26
strī wife; CC Madhya 5.36
strī wife; CC Madhya 5.41
strī-putra wife and children; CC Madhya 5.69
strī women; CC Madhya 7.81
strī women; CC Madhya 9.135
strī-dhana women; CC Madhya 9.227
strī-daraśana meeting a woman; CC Madhya 11.7
strī-putra-dhane with wives, sons and wealth; CC Madhya 13.157
strī-gaṇe all the ladies; CC Madhya 16.117
strī wife; CC Madhya 18.90
strī women; CC Madhya 18.121-122
strī-sańgī who associates with women for sense gratification; CC Madhya 22.87
kā strī who is that woman; CC Madhya 24.56
strī-gaṇera of the ladies of Vṛndāvana; CC Madhya 24.57
strī women; CC Madhya 24.190
strī-puruṣe husband and wife; CC Madhya 24.275
tāra strī his wife; CC Madhya 25.190
strī kahe the wife replied; CC Madhya 25.192
strī the wife; CC Madhya 25.193
strī-sambhāṣaṇe talk with women; CC Antya 2.144
strī-putra his wife and children; CC Antya 3.161
strī-bhāva-prakāśa exhibition of feminine postures; CC Antya 3.246
strī wife; CC Antya 6.39
strī women; CC Antya 12.42
strī wife; CC Antya 12.71
strī woman; CC Antya 13.80
strī the woman; CC Antya 13.83
strī gāya' a woman is singing; CC Antya 13.83
strī-nāma the word "woman"; CC Antya 13.84
strī-paraśa haile if I had touched a woman; CC Antya 13.85
strī woman; CC Antya 14.24
strī-jāti belonging to the class of women; CC Antya 15.38
strī woman; CC Antya 17.31
strī-put wife and children; CC Antya 18.55
strī of women; NBS 63