suhṛdaḥ well-wishers; BG 1.26
suhṛdaḥ intimate friends; SB 1.8.37
suhṛdaḥ well-wishers; SB 1.13.11
suhṛdaḥ well-wishers; SB 1.13.34
suhṛdaḥ the friends; SB 3.3.16
suhṛdaḥ friendly; SB 3.25.21
suhṛdaḥ benefactor; SB 3.25.38
suhṛdaḥ friends; SB 4.12.16
suhṛdaḥ well-wishers of everyone; SB 5.5.2
kṛpaṇa-suhṛdaḥ the friends of the helpless; SB 5.8.10
sarva-bhūta-suhṛdaḥ a well-wisher to all others; SB 5.9.17
ātma-priya-suhṛdaḥ who have accepted You as the Supersoul, dearmost lover and friend; SB 6.9.39
suhṛdaḥ friends; SB 6.16.2
suhṛdaḥ well-wishers; SB 7.5.35
sva-suhṛdaḥ unto the supreme friend; SB 7.6.26
suhṛdaḥ well-wisher; SB 7.9.18
ātma-suhṛdaḥ of one who is the friend; SB 7.9.27
suhṛdaḥ friends; SB 7.14.6
suhṛdaḥ those who are friends to everyone; SB 8.3.7
suhṛdaḥ friends; SB 8.22.4
suhṛdaḥ friends; SB 9.10.8
suhṛdaḥ well-wishers; SB 10.1.61
suhṛdaḥ friends; SB 10.1.65-66
suhṛdaḥ toward relatives and friends; SB 10.5.28
suhṛdaḥ all His friends and relatives; SB 10.8.12
suhṛdaḥ the cowherd boy friends; SB 10.12.32
sva-pari-suhṛdaḥ His own personal associates; SB 10.13.11
suhṛdaḥ the friends; SB 10.14.45
suhṛdaḥ Your true friends; SB 10.17.24
suhṛdaḥ and friends; SB 10.23.30
suhṛdaḥ His well-wishers; SB 10.46.18
suhṛdaḥ the well-wisher; SB 10.48.26
suhṛdaḥ to Your well-wishing devotees; SB 10.48.26
suhṛdaḥ friends; SB 10.49.1-2
suhṛdaḥ of a family member; SB 10.54.37
suhṛdaḥ friends; SB 10.56.34
suhṛdaḥ to His friends; SB 10.70.13
suhṛdaḥ well-wishers; SB 10.73.32
suhṛdaḥ and well-wishers; SB 10.75.23
suhṛdaḥ their dear friends; SB 10.82.12-13
suhṛdaḥ friends; SB 10.82.19
suhṛdaḥ friendly to all; SB 11.5.22
suhṛdaḥ friends; SB 11.23.20
suhṛdaḥ well-wishers; SB 11.30.19
suhṛdaḥ who are well-wishers; CC Madhya 22.81
suhṛdaḥ well-wishers of everyone; CC Madhya 22.82
suhṛdaḥ who are the friend of the devotees; CC Madhya 22.96
suhṛdaḥ to Your well-wishers; CC Madhya 22.96
suhṛdaḥ well-wisher; CC Madhya 22.162