suhṛt benefactor; SB 1.2.17
suhṛt well-wishers; SB 1.8.49
suhṛt well-wisher; SB 1.9.15
suhṛt-tamam ardent well-wisher; SB 1.9.20
suhṛt well-wisher; SB 1.11.7
suhṛt-didṛkṣayā for meeting them; SB 1.11.9
suhṛt well-wishers; SB 1.13.21
suhṛt well-wisher; SB 1.13.33
suhṛt well-wishers; SB 1.14.4
suhṛt friends; SB 1.14.24
suhṛt-vṛtaḥ surrounded by friends; SB 1.14.34
suhṛt-pure in the city of Dvārakā; SB 1.15.22-23
suhṛt kinsmen; SB 3.1.21
suhṛt well-wisher; SB 3.1.27
suhṛt well-wisher; SB 3.1.41
suhṛt a well-wisher; SB 3.4.9
suhṛt relatives; SB 3.9.6
suhṛt well-wishing friend; SB 3.9.12
suhṛt ekaḥ the one friend and philosopher; SB 3.9.22
suhṛt-tama most beloved; SB 3.15.31
suhṛt-śucaḥ the grief of my kinsmen; SB 3.18.4
suhṛt intimate friend; SB 3.20.2
suhṛt dear; SB 3.23.6
suhṛt-didṛkṣavaḥ desiring to meet the relatives; SB 4.3.9
suhṛt-priyaḥ dear to the relatives; SB 4.3.15
suhṛt-didṛkṣuḥ being anxious to see her relatives; SB 4.4.1
suhṛt-didṛkṣā of the desire to see her relatives; SB 4.4.2
suhṛt friends; SB 4.9.12
suhṛt friends; SB 4.13.48
suhṛt the well-wisher; SB 4.20.20
suhṛt-tamam unto the greatest of all friends; SB 4.30.21
suhṛt of a friend; SB 5.2.7
suhṛt-tama O best of friends; SB 5.2.12
parama-suhṛt everyone's sublime well-wisher; SB 5.5.28
suhṛt and friends; SB 5.8.9
sarva-sattva-suhṛt-ātmanām of persons who in their hearts always wish well to all living entities; SB 5.9.20
sarva-bhūta-suhṛt-ātmā who was thus the friend of all living entities; SB 5.10.8
viśva-suhṛt of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is a friend to everyone; SB 5.10.25
suhṛt friends and well-wishers; SB 5.14.43
suhṛt-tamaḥ the best friend; SB 5.19.6
suhṛt friends; SB 5.24.8
suhṛt friends; SB 5.24.29
sarva-bhūta-suhṛt friendly to all living entities; SB 6.1.56-57
suhṛt friend; SB 6.2.36-37
suhṛt-janāḥ allies; SB 6.15.21-23
suhṛt-vṛtaḥ surrounded by your friends and relatives; SB 6.16.3
suhṛt friend; SB 7.1.1
suhṛt well-wisher; SB 7.2.6
suhṛt-tamena the best of our friends; SB 7.2.34
suhṛt-tamaḥ the best friend; SB 7.4.31-32
suhṛt-lińga-dharaḥ who has assumed the role of a friend; SB 7.5.38
suhṛt the best well-wisher and friend; SB 7.6.2
suhṛt well-wisher; SB 7.10.49
sarva-bhūta-suhṛt becoming a well-wisher of all living entities; SB 7.13.3
suhṛt the well-wisher; SB 7.15.76
sarva-bhūta-suhṛt the friend of all living entities; SB 8.7.36
suhṛt and constant well-wisher; SB 8.11.13
sarva-suhṛt the friend of everyone; SB 8.24.30
suhṛt the most well-wishing friend; SB 8.24.52
sarva-bhūta-suhṛt samaḥ because of being a devotee, friendly and equal to everyone; SB 9.2.11-13
suhṛt-vadham killing of his family members; SB 9.16.8
suhṛt-rūpam pretending to be a friend; SB 9.19.8
tyakta-jñāti-suhṛt my relatives and friends have been rejected by me; SB 10.4.16
suhṛt-vṛtaḥ surrounded by friends; SB 10.5.26
vraja-suhṛt Your cowherd boyfriends of Vṛndāvana; SB 10.14.18
suhṛt friends; SB 10.14.35
suhṛt of Their friends; SB 10.15.27
suhṛt to Their friends; SB 10.15.27
suhṛt friends; SB 10.16.65-67
suhṛt a friend; SB 10.24.5
suhṛt to His friends; SB 10.35.22-23
suhṛt-tamam the best of friends; SB 10.38.20
suhṛt-tama O supreme well-wisher; SB 10.41.12
suhṛt to My well-wishers; SB 10.41.17
suhṛt of their well-wishers (their husbands); SB 10.44.43
suhṛt to his friends; SB 10.46.16
suhṛt His well-wishers; SB 10.47.45
suhṛt of their dear ones; SB 10.49.3
suhṛt-tamaḥ a supreme well-wisher; SB 10.51.63
suhṛt-tamān the best well-wishing friends; SB 10.52.33
suhṛt a friend; SB 10.54.43
suhṛt for the well-wisher; SB 10.58.10
suhṛt the friend; SB 10.63.44
suhṛt by His relatives; SB 10.63.52
suhṛt His well-wishing friends; SB 10.65.1
suhṛt-janāḥ dear relatives; SB 10.65.8
suhṛt-tamam their dearest friend; SB 10.68.18
suhṛt well-wishing friend; SB 10.70.46
suhṛt by relatives; SB 10.71.23
suhṛt-tamam their dearmost friend; SB 10.71.27
suhṛt-tameṣu and the best well-wishers; SB 10.75.8
suhṛt his friends; SB 10.75.28
suhṛt and friends; SB 10.79.32
suhṛt by a well-wishing friend; SB 10.81.35
suhṛt the friend; SB 10.81.40
suhṛt friends; SB 10.82.12-13
suhṛt his friends; SB 10.83.37
suhṛt friends; SB 10.84.57-58
suhṛt by his well-wishers; SB 10.84.60
suhṛt of their well-wishing friends; SB 10.84.71
suhṛt friend; SB 10.87.22
suhṛt friends; SB 11.5.18
suhṛt of his beloved well-wishers; SB 11.19.12
suhṛt of their friend; SB 11.31.26
suhṛt well-wishing friends; SB 12.3.37
suhṛt a friend; CC Madhya 22.163
suhṛt friends; CC Madhya 23.25
bhakta-suhṛt well-wisher of the devotees; CC Madhya 23.74
suhṛt-tamāḥ more dear; CC Antya 1.152
suhṛt the friend; CC Antya 1.175
suhṛt friends; CC Antya 6.137
suhṛt-tamaḥ best of friends; CC Antya 19.35
suhṛt-tama the best of friends; CC Antya 19.43