svarga of the heavenly planets; BG 2.32
svarga-parāḥ aiming to achieve heavenly planets; BG 2.42-43
svarga-lokam heaven; BG 9.21
svarga heaven; SB 2.3.2-7
svarga elevation to the heavenly planets; SB 4.21.30
svarga the heavenly planets; SB 4.24.37
svarga heavenly; SB 5.2.18
svarga-apavargayoḥ of the heavenly planets and liberation; SB 5.3.13
svarga-apavarga-adhipateḥ able to bestow happiness obtainable by living in the heavenly kingdom. by liberation, or by enjoyment of material comfort and then liberation; SB 5.5.25
svarga-apavarga-kāmānām who are desirous of achieving heavenly planets or liberation; SB 5.8.23
bhaumāni svarga-padāni as the heavenly places on earth; SB 5.17.11
svarga-sukha-avaśeṣitam whatever remains after the enjoyment of heavenly happiness; SB 5.19.28
svarga-dvāram the gateway to the heavenly planets; SB 5.20.3-4
svarga the heavenly planets; SB 5.20.45
svarga-karmaṇi in the creation of the universal affairs; SB 6.4.49-50
svarga-kāmaḥ desiring the heavenly planets; SB 6.11.15
svarga in the higher planetary systems; SB 6.17.28
svarga creation; SB 7.7.24
svarga to the heavenly planets; SB 7.13.25
svarga-apavargayoḥ of elevation to the heavenly planets or liberation from material bondage; SB 8.23.22-23
svarga-kāmyayā with the motive of promotion to heaven; SB 10.23.3
svarga of heaven; SB 10.81.19
svarga of (desire for attaining) heaven; SB 10.82.29-30
svarga of heaven; SB 11.4.14
svarga-udyāna from the gardens of the heavenly planets of the demigods; SB 11.6.6
svarga to heaven; SB 11.20.10
svarga promotion to heaven; SB 11.20.32-33
svarga of heaven; SB 11.23.23
svarga-martya in heaven, the sky and the land; CC Adi 7.159
svarga in the heavenly planetary system; CC Madhya 9.270
svarga-martya the upper and lower planetary systems; CC Madhya 12.198
svarga the heavenly kingdom; CC Madhya 19.215
svarga in heavenly planets; CC Madhya 19.216
svarga-martya bhari' overwhelming all the universe; CC Madhya 25.65
svarga-apagā of the Ganges water flowing in the heavenly planets; CC Antya 1.92