svarṇa gold; SB 1.9.2
svarṇa of gold; SB 3.11.9
svarṇa golden; SB 4.21.1
svarṇa golden; SB 4.24.51
svarṇa gold; SB 4.25.14
svarṇa golden; SB 4.26.1-3
svarṇa-prasthaḥ Svarṇaprastha; SB 5.19.29-30
svarṇa-yūthībhiḥ svarṇa-yūthīs; SB 8.2.14-19
svarṇa-puńkhaiḥ with golden feathers attached; SB 8.11.23
svarṇa-kakṣa-patākābhiḥ decorated with flags with golden embroidery; SB 9.10.35-38
svarṇa gold; SB 10.12.4
svarṇa of a golden color; SB 10.42.28-31
svarṇa of gold; SB 10.56.11
svarṇa of gold; SB 10.69.1-6
svarṇa gold; SB 10.74.12
svarṇa gold; SB 10.76.18-19
svarṇa-gharma-anuvākena by the chapter of the Vedas known as Svarṇa-gharma; SB 11.27.30-31
svarṇa-ańgada golden armlets; CC Adi 5.186
svarṇa-mudrāra made of gold; CC Adi 13.112
svarṇa gold; CC Adi 13.113
svarṇa gold; CC Madhya 4.100