Canto 10: The Summum BonumChapter 64: The Deliverance of King Nṛga

Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 10.64.26

sa tvaḿ kathaḿ mama vibho 'kṣi-pathaḥ parātmā

yogeśvaraḥ śruti-dṛśāmala-hṛd-vibhāvyaḥ

sākṣād adhokṣaja uru-vyasanāndha-buddheḥ

syān me 'nudṛśya iha yasya bhavāpavargaḥ


saḥHe; tvam — Yourself; katham — how; mamato me; vibhoO almighty one; akṣi-pathaḥ — visible; para-ātmā — the Supreme Soul; yoga — of mystic yoga; īśvaraiḥ — by masters; śruti — of the scriptures; dṛśā — by the eye; amala — spotless; hṛt — within their hearts; vibhāvyaḥto be meditated upon; sākṣāt — directly visible; adhokṣajaO transcendental Lord, who cannot be seen by material senses; uru — severe; vyasana — by troubles; andha — blinded; buddheḥ — whose intelligence; syātit may be; me — for me; anudṛśyaḥto be perceived; ihain this world; yasya — whose; bhava — of material life; apavargaḥ — cessation.


O almighty one, how is it that my eyes see You here before me? You are the Supreme Soul, whom the greatest masters of mystic yoga can meditate upon within their pure hearts only by employing the spiritual eye of the Vedas. Then how, O transcendental Lord, are You directly visible to me, since my intelligence has been blinded by the severe tribulations of material life? Only one who has finished his material entanglement in this world should be able to see You.


Even in the body of a lizard, King Nṛga could remember his previous life. And now that he had the opportunity to see the Lord, he could understand that he had received special mercy from the Personality of Godhead.

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