Canto 11: General HistoryChapter 5: Nārada Concludes His Teachings to Vasudeva

Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 11.5.19

śrī rājovāca

kasmin kāle sa bhagavān

kiḿ varṇaḥ kīdṛśo nṛbhiḥ

nāmnā kena vidhinā

pūjyate tad ihocyatām


śrī-rājā uvāca — the King said; kasminin what; kāle — time; saḥHe; bhagavān — the Supreme Lord; kim varṇaḥ — having what color; kīdṛśaḥ — having what form; nṛbhiḥ — by men; nāmnā — by (what) names; — and; kena — by what; vidhinā — processes; pūjyate — is worshiped; tat — that; ihain our presence; ucyatām — please speak.


King Nimi inquired: In what colors and forms does the Supreme Personality of Godhead appear in each of the different ages, and with what names and by what types of regulative principles is the Lord worshiped in human society?


It has been clearly established in the previous verses that human life is spoiled if one does not surrender unto the Supreme Lord and engage in His loving devotional service. Therefore the King is now requesting the sages to give specific details about the worship of the Lord because this devotional process has clearly been described as the only practical means of delivering the conditioned soul.

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