Canto 3: The Status QuoChapter 14: Pregnancy of Diti in the Evening

Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 3.14.17

eṣa te 'haḿ vidhāsyāmi

priyaḿ bhīru yad icchasi

tasyāḥ kāmaḿ na kaḥ kuryāt

siddhis traivargikī yataḥ


eṣaḥ — this; te — your request; ahamI; vidhāsyāmi — shall execute; priyam — very dear; bhīruO afflicted one; yat — what; icchasi — you are desiring; tasyāḥ — her; kāmam — desires; na — not; kaḥ — who; kuryāt — would perform; siddhiḥ — perfection of liberation; traivargikī — three; yataḥ — from whom.


O afflicted one, I shall forthwith gratify whatever desire is dear to you, for who else but you is the source of the three perfections of liberation?


The three perfections of liberation are religiosity, economic development and sense gratification: For a conditioned soul, the wife is considered to be the source of liberation because she offers her service to the husband for his ultimate liberation. Conditional material existence is based on sense gratification, and if someone has the good fortune to get a good wife, he is helped by the wife in all respects. If one is disturbed in his conditional life, he becomes more and more entangled in material contamination. A faithful wife is supposed to cooperate with her husband in fulfilling all material desires so that he can then become comfortable and execute spiritual activities for the perfection of life. If, however, the husband is progressive in spiritual advancement, the wife undoubtedly shares in his activities, and thus both the wife and the husband profit in spiritual perfection. It is essential, therefore, that girls as well as boys be trained to discharge spiritual duties so that at the time of cooperation both will be benefited. The training of the boy is brahmacarya, and the training of the girl is chastity. A faithful wife and spiritually trained brahmacārī are a good combination for advancement of the human mission.

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