Canto 3: The Status QuoChapter 32: Entanglement in Fruitive Activities

Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 3.32.10

evaḿ paretya bhagavantam anupraviṣṭā

ye yogino jita-marun-manaso virāgāḥ

tenaiva sākam amṛtaḿ puruṣaḿ purāṇaḿ

brahma pradhānam upayānty agatābhimānāḥ


evam — thus; paretya — having gone a long distance; bhagavantam — Lord Brahmā; anupraviṣṭāḥ — entered; ye — those who; yoginaḥ — yogīs; jita — controlled; marut — the breathing; manasaḥ — the mind; virāgāḥ — detached; tena — with Lord Brahmā; eva — indeed; sākam — together; amṛtam — the embodiment of bliss; puruṣam — unto the personality of Godhead; purāṇam — the oldest; brahma pradhānam — the Supreme Brahman; upayānti — they go; agata — not gone; abhimānāḥ — whose false ego.


The yogīs who become detached from the material world by practice of breathing exercises and control of the mind reach the planet of Brahmā, which is far, far away. After giving up their bodies, they enter into the body of Lord Brahmā, and therefore when Brahmā is liberated and goes to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the Supreme Brahman, such yogīs can also enter into the kingdom of God.


By perfecting their yogic practice, yogīs can reach the highest planet, Brahmaloka, or Satyaloka, and after giving up their material bodies, they can enter into the body of Lord Brahmā. Because they are not directly devotees of the Lord, they cannot get liberation directly. They have to wait until Brahmā is liberated, and only then, along with Brahmā, are they also liberated. It is clear that as long as a living entity is a worshiper of a particular demigod, his consciousness is absorbed in thoughts of that demigod, and therefore he cannot get direct liberation, or entrance into the kingdom of God, nor can he merge into the impersonal effulgence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Such yogīs or demigod worshipers are subjected to the chance of taking birth again when there is again creation.

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