Canto 3: The Status QuoChapter 9: Brahmā's Prayers for Creative Energy

Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 3.9.35

ṛṣim ādyaḿ na badhnāti

pāpīyāḿs tvāḿ rajo-guṇaḥ

yan mano mayi nirbaddhaḿ

prajāḥ saḿsṛjato 'pi te


ṛṣim — unto the great sage; ādyam — the first of the kind; na — never; badhnāti — encroaches; pāpīyān — vicious; tvām — you; rajaḥ-guṇaḥ — the material mode of passion; yat — because; manaḥ — mind; mayiin Me; nirbaddham — compact in; prajāḥ — progeny; saḿsṛjataḥ — generating; apiin spite of; te — your.


You are the original ṛṣi, and because your mind is always fixed on Me, even though you will be engaged in generating various progeny, the vicious mode of passion will never encroach upon you.


The same assurance is given to Brahmā in the Second Canto, Chapter Nine, verse 36. Being so favored by the Lord, Brahmā's schemes and plans are all infallible. If sometimes Brahmā is seen to be bewildered, as, in the Tenth Canto, he is bewildered by seeing the action of the internal potency, that is also for his further advancement in transcendental service. Arjuna is found to be similarly bewildered. All such bewilderment of the pure devotees of the Lord is specifically meant for their further advancement in knowledge of the Lord.

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