Canto 4: Creation of the Fourth OrderChapter 29: Talks Between Nārada and King Prācīnabarhi

Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 4.29.17

yathā yathā vikriyate

guṇākto vikaroti

tathā tathopadraṣṭātmā

tad-vṛttīr anukāryate


yathā yathā — just as; vikriyate — is agitated; guṇa-aktaḥ — associated with the modes of nature; vikarotias it does; — or; tathā tathā — similarly; upadraṣṭā — observer; ātmā — the soul; tat — of the intelligence; vṛttīḥ — occupations; anukāryate — imitates.


Formerly it was explained that the Queen is one's intelligence. While one is awake or asleep, that intelligence creates different situations. Being influenced by contaminated intelligence, the living entity envisions something and simply imitates the actions and reactions of his intelligence.


The queen of Purañjana is described herein as intelligence itself. Intelligence acts both in the dream state and in the waking state, but it is contaminated by the three modes of material nature. Since the intelligence is contaminated, the living entity is also contaminated. In the conditioned state, the living entity acts according to his contaminated intelligence. Although he simply remains an observer, he nonetheless acts, being forced by a contaminated intelligence, which in reality is a passive agent.

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