Canto 9: LiberationChapter 16: Lord Paraśurāma Destroys the World's Ruling Class

Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 9.16.8

uttasthus te kuśalino

nidrāpāya ivāñjasā

pitur vidvāḿs tapo-vīryaḿ

rāmaś cakre suhṛd-vadham


uttasthuḥ — got up immediately; te — Lord Paraśurāma's mother and brothers; kuśalinaḥ — being happily alive; nidrā-apāye — at the end of sound sleep; iva — like; añjasā — very soon; pituḥ — of his father; vidvān — being aware of; tapaḥ — austerity; vīryam — power; rāmaḥ — Lord Paraśurāma; cakre — executed; suhṛt-vadham — killing of his family members.


Thereafter, by the benediction of Jamadagni, Lord Paraśurāma's mother and brothers immediately came alive and were very happy, as if awakened from sound sleep. Lord Paraśurāma had killed his relatives in accordance with his father's order because he was fully aware of his father's power, austerity and learning.

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