Canto 9: LiberationChapter 6: The Downfall of Saubhari Muni

Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 9.6.28

utthitās te niśamyātha

vyudakaḿ kalaśaḿ prabho

papracchuḥ kasya karmedaḿ

pītaḿ puḿsavanaḿ jalam


utthitāḥ — after awakening; te — all of them; niśamya — seeing; atha — thereafter; vyudakam — empty; kalaśam — the waterpot; prabhoO King Parīkṣit; papracchuḥ — inquired; kasya — whose; karma — act; idam — this; pītam — drunk; puḿsavanam — which was to cause the birth of a child; jalam — water.


When the brāhmaṇas got up from bed and saw the waterpot empty, they inquired who had done this work of drinking the water meant for begetting a child.

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