tantra prescribed rituals; SB 10.23.10-11
tantra prescribed rituals; SB 10.23.48-49
tantra of the doctrine; SB 10.36.27
tantra the purport; SB 10.49.29
karma-tantra of the path of fruitive Vedic sacrifices; SB 11.2.19
tantra-uktena which are described by the tantras (the supplementary Vedic literatures that give detailed instructions for spiritual practice); SB 11.3.47
tantra of scriptures; SB 11.5.31
tantra the scriptures prescribing practical methods of worship; SB 12.11.1
tantra-mūrtiḥ as the personification of the tantra scriptures; SB 12.11.20
tantra of scriptures; CC Adi 3.51
sva-tantra although independent; CC Adi 5.150
sva-tantra independently; CC Adi 12.9
tantra of the supplementary Vedic literatures; CC Madhya 6.102
para-tantra dependent on anyone; CC Madhya 10.15
para-tantra dependent; CC Madhya 12.49
sva-tantra completely independent; CC Madhya 17.8
para-tantra dependent on anyone; CC Madhya 17.8
sva-tantra independent; CC Madhya 24.92