tapaḥ-yajñāḥ sacrifice in austerities; BG 4.28
tapaḥ penance; BG 7.9
tapaḥ penance; BG 10.4-5
tapaḥ austerity; BG 16.1-3
tapaḥ austerities; BG 17.5-6
tapaḥ austerity; BG 17.7
tapaḥ austerity; BG 17.14
tapaḥ austerity; BG 17.15
tapaḥ austerity; BG 17.16
tapaḥ austerity; BG 17.17
tapaḥ austerity; BG 17.18
tapaḥ penance; BG 17.19
tapaḥ and penance; BG 17.24
tapaḥ and penance; BG 17.25
tapaḥ penance; BG 17.28
tapaḥ and penance; BG 18.3
tapaḥ and penance; BG 18.5
tapaḥ penance; BG 18.5
tapaḥ austerity; BG 18.42
tapaḥ austerity; SB 1.2.28-29
tapaḥ penance; SB 1.3.9
tapaḥ trueness to one's responsibility; SB 1.16.26-30
tapaḥ penances; SB 1.16.32-33
tapaḥ austerity; SB 1.17.24
tapaḥ austerity; SB 1.17.42
tapaḥ the planetary system above the Janas; SB 2.1.28
tapaḥ austerities; SB 2.2.23
tapaḥ-mayaḥ personified austerity; SB 2.4.19
yat tapaḥ meditation; SB 2.5.7
tapaḥ austerity; SB 2.5.16
tapaḥ-mayaḥ successfully having undergone all austerities; SB 2.6.35
tapaḥ penance; SB 2.7.5
sva-tapaḥ personal penances; SB 2.7.6
tapaḥ penance; SB 2.7.39
tapaḥ penance; SB 2.9.8
tapaḥ penance; SB 2.9.22
tapaḥ penance; SB 2.9.23
tapaḥ penance; SB 2.9.24
tapaḥ penance; SB 3.4.22
plāvita-uru-tāpaḥ overwhelmed by great affliction; SB 3.4.27
tapaḥ penances; SB 3.7.41
tapaḥ penances; SB 3.9.18
tapaḥ penance; SB 3.9.26
tapaḥ penance; SB 3.9.30
tapaḥ penances; SB 3.10.4
tapaḥ austerity; SB 3.12.11
tapaḥ penance; SB 3.12.18
tapaḥ-dhana O sage whose only wealth is penance; SB 3.12.36
tapaḥ penance; SB 3.12.41
tapaḥ the Tapoloka planet; SB 3.13.25
tapaḥ the Tapoloka planetary system; SB 3.13.44
tapaḥ austerity; SB 3.15.19
tapaḥ austerity; SB 3.20.53
tapaḥ penance; SB 3.21.6
tapaḥ-vidyā-yoga-yuktān full of austerity, knowledge and mystic power; SB 3.22.2
tapaḥ in austerity; SB 3.23.7
tapaḥ austerities; SB 3.24.3
tāpāḥ the material miseries; SB 3.25.23
tapaḥ-yuktena by engagement in austerity; SB 3.27.22
tapaḥ austerity; SB 3.28.4
tapaḥ austerities; SB 3.32.34-36
tepuḥ tapaḥ practiced austerities; SB 3.33.7
tapaḥ by austerity; SB 3.33.15
tapaḥ austerity; SB 3.33.29
mahā-tapāḥ greatly powerful because of austerity; SB 4.1.36
tapaḥ austerity; SB 4.2.26
tapaḥ austerity; SB 4.3.17
tapaḥ austerity; SB 4.6.9
tapaḥ austerity; SB 4.6.35
tapaḥ austerities; SB 4.7.14
tapaḥ-vanam the forest path where Dhruva Mahārāja executed his austerity; SB 4.8.63
tapaḥ-prabhāvasya by the influence of austerity; SB 4.12.41
tapaḥ-mayam the goal of all austerity; SB 4.14.21
tapaḥ austerity; SB 4.21.42
tapaḥ-vanam in the forest where one can execute austerities; SB 4.23.1-3
pañca-tapāḥ five kinds of heating; SB 4.23.6
tapaḥ austerities; SB 4.23.7
tapaḥ of austerity; SB 4.24.14
tapaḥ austerities; SB 4.24.79
tapaḥ austerity; SB 4.25.2
tapaḥ austerity; SB 4.28.35-36
tapaḥ austerities; SB 4.29.42-44
tapaḥ penance; SB 4.30.39-40
tapaḥ by austerity; SB 4.30.41
tapaḥ-dhana O best of the sages performing austerity; SB 5.2.15
tapaḥ caratām of persons engaged in executing austerities and penances; SB 5.2.15
tapaḥ-ghnam which dismantles the austerities; SB 5.2.15
tapaḥ austerity; SB 5.2.15
tapaḥ austerities and penances; SB 5.5.1
tapaḥ austerity; SB 5.5.24
tapaḥ the austerity; SB 5.6.3
tapaḥ penance; SB 5.8.23
tapaḥ practice of austerities and penances; SB 5.9.1-2
tapaḥ austerity; SB 5.18.22
tapaḥ austerities; SB 5.19.9
tapaḥ with austerities; SB 5.19.22
tapaḥ ātiṣṭhata engaged in austerities; SB 5.20.14
tapaḥ-vanam in the forest where meditation is performed; SB 5.20.25
tapaḥ austerities; SB 5.26.30
tapaḥ-ādibhiḥ by executing the principles of austerity, penance, brahmacarya and other purifying processes; SB 6.1.16
tapaḥ austerity; SB 6.2.17
tapaḥ-dīpita-manyavaḥ whose anger was inflamed because of long austerities; SB 6.4.5
tapaḥ austerities; SB 6.4.20
tapaḥ austerity; SB 6.4.44
tapaḥ austerities like mental control, mystic yoga and meditation; SB 6.4.46
tapaḥ austerity; SB 6.4.49-50
tapaḥ penances; SB 6.5.4-5
tapaḥ penances; SB 6.5.26
mahā-tapāḥ highly advanced in austerity and penances; SB 6.7.34
mahā-tapāḥ the most exalted personality; SB 6.7.38
tapaḥ austerity; SB 6.8.11
tapaḥ and austerities; SB 6.9.51
tapaḥ austerities; SB 6.13.16
tapaḥ by austerity; SB 6.14.23
tāpaḥ the tribulation; SB 6.15.21-23
tīvra-tapāḥ highly elevated due to undergoing fierce austerities and penances; SB 6.17.7
tapaḥ the performers of austerities; SB 7.2.10
tapaḥ austerity; SB 7.3.2
tapaḥ austerities; SB 7.3.3
tapaḥ-mayaḥ because of severe austerities; SB 7.3.4
tapaḥ austerity; SB 7.3.8
tapaḥ of austerity; SB 7.3.9-10
tapaḥ austerity; SB 7.3.9-10
tapaḥ austerity; SB 7.3.12
tapaḥ-siddhaḥ perfect in executing austerities; SB 7.3.17
tapaḥ-niṣṭhena aimed at executing austerity; SB 7.3.20
tapaḥ-yoga-prabhāvāṇām of those whose power is obtained by austerities and the practice of mystic yoga; SB 7.3.37-38
tapaḥ of austerity; SB 7.4.13
na tapaḥ no austerity; SB 7.7.51-52
tapaḥ austerity; SB 7.8.43
tapaḥ and austerities; SB 7.8.45
tapaḥ austerity; SB 7.9.9
tapaḥ austerity; SB 7.9.46
tapaḥ-yoga-bala by austerity, mystic power and strength; SB 7.10.27
tapaḥ austerity; SB 7.10.65-66
tapaḥ by austerity; SB 7.11.3
tapaḥ austerity; SB 7.11.6
tapaḥ austerities (such as observing fasts at least twice in a month on the day of Ekādaśī); SB 7.11.8-12
tapaḥ austerity and penance; SB 7.11.21
tapaḥ austerities; SB 7.14.27-28
tapaḥ-niṣṭhāḥ very much attached to austerities and penances; SB 7.15.1
tapaḥ austerity; SB 7.15.19
tapaḥ austerities; SB 8.1.8
tapaḥ in austerity; SB 8.7.20
tapaḥ austerity; SB 8.8.20
tapaḥ austerities; SB 8.11.35
tapaḥ-sāram the essence of all austerities; SB 8.16.60
tapaḥ austerities; SB 8.16.61
tapaḥ austerity; SB 8.18.29
tapaḥ austerity; SB 8.19.36
tapaḥ penances; SB 8.24.10
tapaḥ tepe executed severe austerities; SB 9.2.1
tapaḥ-yuktena which is simultaneously the best process of austerity; SB 9.4.26
tapaḥ austerities; SB 9.4.70
tapaḥ austerity; SB 9.6.39-40
tapaḥ the result of austerity; SB 9.6.45-46
tapaḥ the regulative principles of austerity; SB 9.6.54
tapaḥ tepe executed austerity; SB 9.9.1
tapaḥ austerity; SB 9.9.2
tapaḥ austerity; SB 9.9.29
tapaḥ-dhanaḥ the great sage, whose only power was his austerity, or who was engaged in austerity; SB 9.15.24
tapaḥ austerity; SB 9.16.8
tapaḥ austerities; SB 9.23.25
tapaḥ by austerities; SB 10.2.34
tapaḥ austerity; SB 10.3.33
tapaḥ austerity; SB 10.3.36
tapaḥ austerity; SB 10.4.39
tapaḥ austerity; SB 10.4.41
tapaḥ austerity; SB 10.7.32
su-mahā-tapāḥ highly elevated in austerity and penance; SB 10.8.1
tapaḥ austerity; SB 10.10.15
tapaḥ austerity; SB 10.16.35
tapaḥ austerity; SB 10.16.36
tapaḥ-kṛśā emaciated by the summer heat; SB 10.20.7
tapaḥ execution of austerities; SB 10.23.43-44
tapaḥ-mayam full of knowledge; SB 10.27.4
tapaḥ austerity; SB 10.30.10
tapaḥ austerity; SB 10.38.3
tapaḥ austerity; SB 10.41.31
tapaḥ austerities; SB 10.44.14
tapaḥ austerities; SB 10.47.24
tapaḥ austerity; SB 10.47.33
tapaḥ in the practice of austerities; SB 10.51.52
tapaḥ in austerities; SB 10.52.3
tāpāḥ distresses; SB 10.57.30
tapaḥ in austerities; SB 10.58.20
tāpaḥ the burning torment; SB 10.63.28
tapaḥ for austerity; SB 10.64.14-15
tapaḥ austerity; SB 10.74.33-34
tapaḥ penances; SB 10.83.11
tapaḥ by austerities; SB 10.84.19
tapaḥ of austerities; SB 10.84.38
tapaḥ austerities; SB 10.86.35
tapaḥ austerities; SB 10.87.6
tapaḥ and performance of penances; SB 10.87.11
tapaḥ the austere penances; SB 10.90.27
tāpaḥ the burning heat; SB 11.2.54
tapaḥ austerity; SB 11.3.24
tapaḥ penance; SB 11.3.27-28
tapaḥ their austerities; SB 11.4.11
tapaḥ austere penances; SB 11.6.9
tapaḥ penances; SB 11.12.1-2
tapaḥ austerities; SB 11.12.9
tapaḥ austerity; SB 11.14.10
tapaḥ austerity; SB 11.14.20
tapaḥ austerities; SB 11.15.34
tapaḥ austerities; SB 11.16.43
tapaḥ-niṣṭhāḥ fixed in austerity; SB 11.17.11
tapaḥ austerity; SB 11.17.16
tapaḥ of one's austerity; SB 11.17.41
tapaḥ penance; SB 11.18.4
tapaḥ-mayam the goal of all penance; SB 11.18.9
tapaḥ austerity; SB 11.18.10
tapaḥ austerity; SB 11.18.42
tapaḥ austerity; SB 11.18.43
tapaḥ austerity; SB 11.19.4
tapaḥ austerities; SB 11.19.20-24
tapaḥ austerity; SB 11.19.28-32
tapaḥ austerity; SB 11.19.33-35
tapaḥ austerity; SB 11.19.36-39
tapaḥ austerity; SB 11.21.14
tāpaḥ burning; SB 11.23.55
tapaḥ Tapas; SB 11.24.14
tapaḥ strictly following one's prescribed duty; SB 11.25.2-5
tapaḥ austerity; SB 11.28.18
tapaḥ by special austerities; SB 11.28.39
tapaḥ austerities; SB 11.29.47
tapaḥ austerity; SB 12.3.18
tapaḥ and to penances; SB 12.3.21
tapaḥ of austerity; SB 12.3.22
tapaḥ by shows of austerity; SB 12.3.38
tapaḥ austerities; SB 12.3.48
tapaḥ in austerities; SB 12.8.7-11
tapaḥ-svādhyāya-paraḥ dedicated to austerities and studies of the Vedic literature; SB 12.8.7-11
tapaḥ-svādhyāya-saṃyamaiḥ by his austerities, studies of the Vedas and regulative principles; SB 12.8.13
tapaḥ of the austerities; SB 12.8.15
tapaḥ by austerity; SB 12.8.32
tapaḥ austerity; SB 12.8.33-34
tapaḥ by austerities; SB 12.9.2
tapaḥ by austerities; SB 12.10.24
tapaḥ-māsam the month of Tapas (Māgha); SB 12.11.39
tapaḥ austerities; SB 12.12.54
tapaḥ austerities; CC Adi 4.156
tapaḥ austerity; CC Adi 6.74
tapaḥ austerities; CC Adi 17.76
tapaḥ-niṣṭha performers of austerities; CC Adi 17.260
tapaḥ austerity; CC Madhya 8.147
tapaḥ austerity; CC Madhya 9.114
tapaḥ austerities; CC Madhya 11.190
tapaḥ austerity; CC Madhya 11.192
tapaḥ austerity; CC Madhya 19.72
tapaḥ austerities and penances; CC Madhya 19.75
tapaḥ austerities; CC Madhya 20.137
tapaḥ austerities; CC Madhya 21.112
tapaḥ-dhana assets of austerities; CC Madhya 21.133
tapaḥ austerity; CC Madhya 24.54
tapaḥ austerities; CC Madhya 25.137
tapaḥ austerities; CC Antya 4.59
tapaḥ austerity; CC Antya 16.27
tapaḥ spiritual austerity; Bs 5.25