tatam pervaded; BG 2.17
tatam is pervaded; BG 8.22
tatam pervaded; BG 9.4
tatam pervaded; BG 11.38
tatam is pervaded; BG 18.46
tātam the father; SB 1.18.32
tatam spread; SB 3.7.24
tatam spread throughout; SB 3.9.31
taṭam bank; SB 4.8.42
tatam expanded; SB 7.3.34
tatam expanded; SB 7.9.34
tatam the father; SB 9.4.1
tātam as father; SB 10.5.27
kaṭi-taṭam the upper part of the waist; SB 10.6.21
yamunā-taṭam to the bank of the Yamunā; SB 10.16.17
taṭam on the edges; SB 10.60.30
taṭam the land on the shore; SB 12.1.37