tena by that lust; BG 3.38
tena by him; BG 4.24
tena by that; BG 5.15
tena by that; BG 6.44
tena by that; BG 11.1
tena eva in that; BG 11.46
tena with that; BG 17.23
tena by him; BG 18.70
tena by; SB 1.3.14
tena with that wealth; SB 1.12.34
tena by him; SB 1.15.9
tena by Him; SB 1.15.13
tena by Him; SB 1.16.26-30
tena by that; SB 2.2.28
tena them; SB 2.2.30
tena by that purified; SB 2.2.31
tena for that reason; SB 2.5.7
tena idam it is all by Him; SB 2.6.13-16
tena eva by all those; SB 2.6.28
tena for that reason; SB 2.10.11
tena him; SB 3.1.40
tena by Vidura; SB 3.2.5
tena by Him; SB 3.8.7
tena by Him; SB 3.9.22
tena by him; SB 3.9.27-28
tena by him; SB 3.10.3
tena by Him; SB 3.14.2
tena by that; SB 3.14.33
tena by the force of the pregnancy of Diti; SB 3.15.2
tena by that form; SB 3.15.50
tena by Hiraṇyākṣa; SB 3.19.3
tena by Hiraṇyākṣa; SB 3.19.16
tena by that airplane; SB 3.23.39
tena by him; SB 3.24.21
tena by Him; SB 3.24.41
tena by the Lord; SB 3.26.51
tena by this; SB 3.27.3
tena by a material body; SB 3.31.14
tena by that wind; SB 3.31.23
tena with Lord Brahmā; SB 3.32.10
tena eva by that; SB 4.1.30
tena by that (device); SB 4.5.24
tena by that; SB 4.8.33
tena by him; SB 4.11.35
tena by this; SB 4.13.39
tena by the King; SB 4.14.30
tena by him; SB 4.17.4
tena thus by practicing such austerities; SB 4.23.8
tena by that; SB 4.23.9
tena by this; SB 4.26.7
tena by that body; SB 4.29.60
tena therefore; SB 4.29.65
tena therefore; SB 4.31.18
tena saha with him; SB 5.2.18
tena that body; SB 5.6.8
tena eva asinā by that same chopper; SB 5.9.18
tena by such a resultant action; SB 5.19.28
tena by that means; SB 6.7.36
tena eva by that; SB 6.8.32-33
tena by that; SB 6.11.7
tena with that; SB 6.11.20
tena by that (the horse sacrifice); SB 6.13.19-20
tena by that (fire of austerity); SB 7.3.6
tena with that; SB 7.9.42
tena by them (the arrows); SB 7.10.67
tena by that symptom; SB 7.11.35
tena by him; SB 7.14.12
tena by such a process; SB 7.15.66
tena by Him; SB 8.1.10
tena by him (Gajendra); SB 8.4.13
tena eva because of this; SB 8.6.2
tena and by the same weapon; SB 8.10.56
tena by that; SB 8.11.28
tena by that; SB 8.16.51-52
tena with that; SB 8.18.12
tena by such an utterance; SB 8.19.41
tena by such (riches); SB 8.20.6
tena therefore; SB 8.22.6-7
tena by the fish; SB 8.24.25
tena because of this benediction; SB 9.1.22
tena by that (fire); SB 9.2.14
tena by him; SB 9.6.8
tena by such instruction; SB 9.6.10
tena by Viśvāmitra; SB 9.7.5-6
tena eva even by that son; SB 9.7.9
saha tena with that poison; SB 9.8.4
tena by that; SB 9.8.29
tena because of this; SB 9.9.39
tena from that; SB 9.14.43
tena by generating such a fire; SB 9.14.47
tena because of this; SB 9.22.11
tena a similar body; SB 10.1.42
tena with the same personality; SB 10.3.43
tena with that rope; SB 10.9.15
tena then, with the second rope; SB 10.9.16
tena Him; SB 10.12.2
tena eva through that brahma-randhra, or the hole in the top of the head; SB 10.12.32
tena by that; SB 10.14.25
tena by that (body of the dead Dhenukāsura); SB 10.15.33
tena by him; SB 10.16.6
tena with him, Kāliya; SB 10.17.1
tena by that act; SB 10.22.21
tena with that; SB 10.23.36
tena by him; SB 10.26.9
tena with them; SB 10.31.19
tena by Him; SB 10.33.9
tena by that; SB 10.35.16-17
tena with that (elephant); SB 10.36.25
tena with it; SB 10.43.14
tena by that; SB 10.44.47
tena by him, Pañcajana; SB 10.45.41
tena by him; SB 10.45.46
tena by it; SB 10.50.5-6
tena by him (Jarāsandha); SB 10.50.31
tena with Him; SB 10.53.18-19
tena with that; SB 10.53.38
tena with Him; SB 10.56.22
tena by him, Akrūra; SB 10.57.18
tena by him, Arjuna; SB 10.58.28
tena with it; SB 10.60.7
tena by that; SB 10.60.56
tena with Him; SB 10.61.27-28
tena with it; SB 10.67.17
tena with it; SB 10.67.19-21
tena because of him; SB 10.67.26
tena by him; SB 10.70.24
tena with it; SB 10.77.36
tena by him; SB 10.79.16-17
tena because of this; SB 10.83.9
tena by him (Bhauma); SB 10.83.40
tena by that; SB 10.85.48-49
tena by him; SB 10.88.24
tena by him; SB 11.3.48
tena by Him; SB 11.4.17
tena that collection; SB 11.8.12
tena by Him (the Lord); SB 11.8.39
tena by the wasp; SB 11.9.23
tena by that; SB 11.10.22
tena by Brahmā; SB 11.14.4
tena by that; SB 11.17.3-4
tena by that strength of the mind, senses and life air; SB 11.18.34
tena by that occurrence; SB 11.30.45
tena with that lunar mansion; SB 12.2.27-28
tena by that Indra; SB 12.6.19
tena with that body of sounds; SB 12.6.44
tena with that (conquest of death); SB 12.8.12
tena with them; CC Adi 4.173
tena by him; CC Madhya 2.52
tena by such lotus feet; CC Madhya 8.219
tena with them; CC Madhya 18.65
tena by Him; CC Madhya 25.101
tena by him; CC Antya 1.148
tena by Him; CC Antya 1.184
tena with them; CC Antya 7.40
tena by that; CC Antya 8.49
tena by those; Bs 5.61
tena by Him; Iso 1
tena therefore; MM 47
tena by him; MM 52
tena by that; NBS 31-32