tvat than You; BG 6.39
tvat-samaḥ equal to You; BG 11.43
tvat anyena besides you; BG 11.47
tvat than you; BG 11.48
tvat-prasādāt by Your mercy; BG 18.73
tvat than You; SB 1.8.9
tvat Your; SB 1.8.39
tvat You; SB 3.9.1
tvat by You; SB 3.9.17
tvat by you; SB 3.12.30
tvat-kṛte for you; SB 3.14.10
tvat Your; SB 3.15.48
tvat-vidhānām like you; SB 3.17.31
tvat-pāda to Your feet; SB 3.19.30
tvat Your; SB 3.21.14
tvat Your; SB 3.21.17
tvat-vīryeṇa by your semen; SB 3.21.32
tvat-anugrahāt by Your mercy; SB 3.25.8
tvat anye other than you; SB 4.4.16
tvat-ańga-jam produced from your body; SB 4.4.23
tvat-caraṇa-arpita-ātmanām of those who are completely surrendered at your lotus feet; SB 4.6.46
tvat-para-anugraheṇa by compassion like Yours; SB 4.7.29
tvat-kathā Your pastimes; SB 4.7.35
tvat-māyayā by Your external potency; SB 4.7.44
tvat-dattayā given by You; SB 4.9.8
tvat your; SB 4.9.23
tvat-vidhāḥ personalities like you; SB 4.17.20
tvat-śravasā by your glory; SB 4.19.28
tvat from You; SB 4.20.23
tvat-caraṇa unto Your lotus feet; SB 4.20.27
tvat Your; SB 4.20.31
tvat Your; SB 4.24.67
tvat-ańghri your feet; SB 4.25.28
tvat your; SB 4.25.31
tvat than you; SB 4.25.38
tvat-priyā your beloved; SB 4.26.17
tvat from You; SB 4.30.31
tvat Your; SB 4.30.31
tvat-ańghri Your lotus feet; SB 4.30.32
tvat-caraṇa-abja-reṇubhiḥ by the dust of your lotus feet; SB 5.13.22
tvat in You; SB 5.18.22
tvat by You; SB 5.18.23
tvat-māyayā by Your illusory energy; SB 5.19.15
tvat-anyaḥ anyone other than you; SB 6.3.2
tvat-caraṇa-ambuja-anusevām service to the lotus feet of Your Lordship; SB 6.9.39
tvat-vajra of your thunderbolt; SB 6.11.21
tvat-māyayā by Your external energy; SB 6.11.27
tvat your; SB 6.14.24
tvat-kṛtayā because of you; SB 6.16.2
tvat of You; SB 6.16.44
tvat-avaloka by seeing You; SB 6.16.45
tvat by you; SB 7.3.35
tvat-upekṣitānām who are neglected by You and not accepted by You; SB 7.9.19
tvat-anyaḥ without taking shelter at Your lotus feet; SB 7.9.21
tvat-vīrya of Your Lordship's glories and activities; SB 7.9.43
tvat but for You; SB 7.9.44
tvat than You; SB 7.9.48
tvat-bhaktaḥ fully attached to You without motivation; SB 7.10.6
tvat-bhakte unto Your devotee; SB 7.10.15-17
tvat-vidhāḥ like Your Honor; SB 7.11.4
tvat-ṛte except for you; SB 8.12.39
tvat-caraṇa-avanejanaiḥ which washed Your lotus feet; SB 8.18.31
tvat from your good self; SB 8.19.27
tvat by You; SB 8.22.20
tvat-śāsana-atigān who transgress your rulings; SB 8.22.34
tvat-anugrahaḥ Your causeless mercy; SB 8.23.2
tvat-tejasā by your effulgence; SB 9.5.7
tvat-rūpam your manifestation; SB 9.5.7
tvat-māyā through Your material energy; SB 9.8.25
tvat-vihīnā being bereft of your good self; SB 9.10.26
tvat your; SB 9.14.35
tvat-mukha-ambhoja-cyutam emanating from your lotus mouth; SB 10.1.13
tvat-māyayā by Your illusory, external energy; SB 10.2.28
tvat-pāda-potena by boarding such a boat as Your lotus feet; SB 10.2.30
tvat-caraṇa-aravindayoḥ at Your lotus feet; SB 10.2.37
tvat-padakaiḥ by Your lotus feet; SB 10.2.38
tvat-āśrayatvāt because of being controlled by You; SB 10.3.19
tvat-pāda-abjam of Your lotus feet; SB 10.3.27
tvat Your; SB 10.6.21
tvat-pārśvayoḥ on both sides; SB 10.6.21
tvat unto You; SB 10.14.5
tvat from You; SB 10.14.10
tvat from You; SB 10.14.13
tvat ṛte apart from You; SB 10.14.18
tvat-padavīm of Your transcendental position; SB 10.14.19
tvat than You; SB 10.14.35
tvat-kṛte dedicated to You; SB 10.14.35
tvat Your; SB 10.15.8
tvat-māyām Your illusory potency; SB 10.16.58
tvat-caraṇam Your feet; SB 10.17.24
tvat Your; SB 10.19.10
tvat-nāthāḥ having You as our Lord; SB 10.19.10
tvat-parāyaṇaḥ devoted to You; SB 10.19.10
tvat-nātham whose master is Yourself; SB 10.25.13
tvat Your; SB 10.28.5
tvat Your; SB 10.29.35
tvat-upāsanā the worship of You; SB 10.29.38
tvat Your; SB 10.29.38
tvat for You; SB 10.31.18
tvat-vidhānām like you; SB 10.36.7
tvat-mayāḥ filled with thought of You; SB 10.40.7
tvat other than You; SB 10.48.26
tvat Your; SB 10.51.57
tvat your; SB 10.60.29
tvat Your; SB 10.60.35
tvat Your; SB 10.60.36
tvat you; SB 10.62.6
tvat your; SB 10.62.8
tvat Your; SB 10.63.26
tvat of you; SB 10.63.29
tvat Your; SB 10.63.41
tvat Your; SB 10.64.27-28
tvat by You; SB 10.70.26
tvat done for You; SB 10.70.28
tvat Your; SB 10.72.4
tvat Your; SB 10.73.10
tvat Your; SB 10.81.11
tvat Your; SB 10.83.3
tvat Your; SB 10.85.16
tvat Your; SB 10.86.31
tvat Your; SB 10.86.33
tvat You; SB 10.87.22
tvat You; SB 10.87.40
tvat your; SB 10.89.26-27
tvat of You; SB 11.6.48-49
tvat-māyayā by Your illusory potency; SB 11.7.16
tvat-bhakti-lakṣaṇaḥ characterized by devotional service to Your Lordship; SB 11.17.1-2
tvat-bhakti by loving service to You; SB 11.17.7
tvat unto You; SB 11.19.8
tvat-dharma in Your devotional service; SB 11.22.61
tvat-māyayā by Your material energy; SB 11.29.3
nirguṇa-tvāt because of its being transcendental; SB 11.29.20
tvat Your; SB 11.29.40
tvat-māyayā by Your illusory potency; SB 11.30.38
tvat Your; SB 11.30.43
tvat your; SB 12.9.3
tvat-īpsitam desired by you; SB 12.9.3
tvat from you; SB 12.10.33
tvat to You; CC Adi 3.89
tvat-mūrtiḥ Your form; CC Adi 4.125
tvat Your; CC Adi 7.98
tvat of You; CC Madhya 2.58
tvat Your; CC Madhya 2.61
tvat of You; CC Madhya 4.197
tvat-pāda-darśana seeing Your lotus feet; CC Madhya 16.132
abhinna-tvāt due to not being different; CC Madhya 17.133
tvat-mayāḥ being absorbed in You; CC Madhya 20.173
tvat-aparam other than Your Lordship; CC Madhya 22.96
tvat Your; CC Madhya 23.31
tvat Your; CC Madhya 24.37
tvat Your; CC Madhya 24.206
tvat to You; CC Antya 3.92
tvat You; CC Antya 3.197
tvat Your; CC Antya 4.64
tvat of You; CC Antya 8.34
tvat Your; MM 3
tvat Your; MM 5
tvat Your; MM 18
tvat Your; MM 24
tvat Your; MM 25
tvat than You; MM 45