ubhayam both; SB 1.6.17
ubhayam both; SB 1.7.53-54
ubhayam or both; SB 1.13.44
ubhayam both; SB 2.5.33
ubhayam both (the misconceptions of I and mine); SB 2.9.3
ubhayam both of them; SB 3.30.30
ubhayam both; SB 4.28.61
ubhayam both; SB 4.29.29
ubhayam both; SB 6.9.36
ubhayam both (the material world of material elements and the living entity); SB 6.16.52
ubhayam both of them; SB 6.16.52
ubhayam both types of consciousness (sleep and wakefulness); SB 6.16.56
ubhayam both; SB 7.7.15
ubhayam both of them; SB 7.7.47
ubhayam both (manifestation and annihilation); SB 8.3.4
yatra ubhayam if there are both (behavior and auspiciousness); SB 8.8.22
ubhayam both; SB 10.82.46
ubhayam that which is comprised of both (namely, the material bodies); SB 10.87.24
ubhayam both of these; SB 11.13.25
ubhayam both (the mind and sense objects); SB 11.13.26
ubhayam both (obtaining and not obtaining good food); SB 11.18.33
ubhayam both (heaven and hell); SB 11.20.12
ubhayam belonging to both these categories; SB 11.22.15
ubhayam both; Iso 11
ubhayam both; Iso 14