sampluta-udake in a great reservoir of water; BG 2.46
udake in the causal water; SB 2.5.34
nirāśrama-udake without shelter or water; SB 3.30.22
udake within water; SB 4.23.6
udake the water; SB 5.8.3
udake in the water; SB 8.24.12
audañcana-udake in a well of water; SB 8.24.19
udake living within the water; SB 9.13.10
śańkha-gandha-udake in water scented with flowers and sandalwood pulp and kept within a conchshell; CC Madhya 4.62
uṣṇa-udake in warm water; CC Madhya 17.66