udara bellies; BG 11.16
udāra talked very frankly; SB 1.15.18
udāra-dhīḥ with broader intelligence; SB 2.3.10
udāra magnanimous; SB 3.7.28
udara-stha situated within the abdomen; SB 3.9.21
udāra very magnanimous; SB 3.14.42
udara-bhedi distinction between the body and the soul; SB 3.15.33
udāra very extensive; SB 3.19.32
udāra liberal; SB 3.20.6
udāra exalted; SB 3.25.36
udara on the abdomen; SB 3.28.25
udāra prominent; SB 3.28.29
udara for the stomach; SB 3.31.32
makara-udara-ānanaiḥ with bellies and faces like sharks'; SB 4.5.13
udāra beautiful; SB 4.7.21
udāra-dhīḥ liberal-minded; SB 4.13.37
udāra liberal; SB 4.16.3
udāra-karmaṇaḥ who was so liberal; SB 4.23.22
udāra magnanimous; SB 4.30.22
udāra-śravāḥ famous as a very pious king; SB 5.15.6
udāra-śravāḥ very greatly celebrated; SB 5.24.18
udāra-līlaḥ engaged in transcendental pastimes; SB 5.25.7
udāra-vīryaḥ who is most liberal and powerful; SB 5.25.10
udāra-dhīḥ very broad-minded; SB 6.7.40
udāra-vīryam so powerful; SB 8.5.33
udāra-yaśasam the most magnanimous and celebrated; SB 8.21.28
udara bellies; SB 9.5.8
udāra-dhīḥ who was very magnanimous; SB 9.23.17
udāra-dhīḥ all fully qualified; SB 9.24.52
udāra-dhīḥ because he was always liberal and simple; SB 10.6.43
udāra magnanimous; SB 10.8.47
asura-udara-antaram within the belly of the great demon; SB 10.12.26
udara growing from the abdomen; SB 10.14.13
udāra magnanimous; SB 10.16.3
udara like the inside; SB 10.16.9
udāra very liberal; SB 10.21.19
udāra magnanimous; SB 10.29.43
udāra with broad; SB 10.29.43
udara in the middle; SB 10.31.2
udāra magnanimous; SB 10.38.28-33
udāra generous; SB 10.47.40
udāra with generous; SB 10.47.51
udāra noble; SB 10.51.23-26
udāra broad; SB 10.53.51-55
udara in the abdomen; SB 10.55.6
udāra wide; SB 10.71.35
udāra generous; SB 10.72.27
udāra generous; SB 10.86.20
udāra liberal; SB 10.90.15
udāra magnanimous; SB 10.90.22
udāra widespread; SB 10.90.32
udāra-kīrtiḥ He whose glories are very magnanimous in themselves; SB 11.1.10
udara-gatam contained in the stomach; SB 11.1.23
udara-bhājanaḥ eating only that needed by his stomach; SB 11.7.45
udara with the belly; SB 11.8.11
udara and the belly; SB 11.26.3
śiśna-udara to the genitals and belly; SB 12.3.32
udāra broad; SB 12.6.20
udāra magnanimous; CC Adi 8.32
udāra magnanimous; CC Adi 8.59
udāra liberal; CC Adi 10.36
udāra very liberal; CC Adi 11.32
udara belly; CC Adi 17.85
udara bharite to fill Your belly; CC Madhya 3.85
udara of the abdomen; CC Madhya 6.9
udāra liberal; CC Madhya 14.118
parama udāra very liberal; CC Madhya 15.94
udāra-dhīḥ being very intelligent; CC Madhya 22.36
udāra liberal; CC Madhya 23.65
udāra-dhīḥ sincere and advanced in devotional service; CC Madhya 24.90
udāra liberal; CC Madhya 24.196
udāra-dhīḥ sincere and advanced in devotional service; CC Madhya 24.197
udāra very liberal; CC Madhya 24.207
parama-udāra very liberal; CC Antya 5.101
udāra liberal; CC Antya 6.88
udara-bharaṇa filling the belly; CC Antya 6.226
udara belly; CC Antya 6.227
udara-bharaṇa filling the belly; CC Antya 6.286
kara udara bharaṇa fill your bellies; CC Antya 8.61
udara bharaṇa filling the belly; CC Antya 8.64
udara bhare fills the belly; CC Antya 8.66
sarala udāra very simple and liberal; CC Antya 16.6
udara-upastha of the belly and genitals; NoI 1
udāra-pāṇi of Lord Kṛṣṇa; NoI 9