uḍu-rājaḥ the moon; SB 3.14.49
uḍu-patiḥ the moon (the chief of the stars); SB 3.23.38
uḍu-rāṭ the moon; SB 4.21.14
uḍu-patiḥ the moon; SB 5.1.8
uḍu-patiḥ the moon; SB 5.8.24
pralīna-uḍu-gaṇe when the stars were covered by clouds; SB 9.2.5-6
uḍu-gaṇānām and of the luminaries; SB 9.14.3
nirmala-uḍu-gaṇa-udayam in which all the auspicious stars were visible (in the upper strata of the universe); SB summary
uḍu-pati the moon; SB 10.18.26
uḍu-gaṇaiḥ along with the stars; SB 10.20.44
uḍu-rājaḥ the moon, king of the stars; SB 10.29.2
uḍu-rājaḥ moon; SB 10.35.22-23
uḍu-rājaḥ the moon; SB 10.70.18
uḍu-pa the moon; SB 10.71.35
uḍu-rāṭ the king of stars, the moon; SB 11.6.36