brahma-vādinām of the transcendentalists; BG 17.24
veda-vādinām of the followers of Vedānta; SB 1.5.23
vādinam inquiring; SB 4.14.45
brahma-vādinām of the devotees who preach the glories of the Lord; SB 4.16.17
vādinām of the speakers; SB 6.4.31
vādinām of theorists; SB 6.9.36
brahma-vādinām unto persons well conversant with the Vedic knowledge; SB 7.15.73
brahma-vādinām of the followers of Vedic principles; SB 8.23.13
brahma-vādinām of all the great saintly experts in Vedic knowledge; SB 9.1.6
brahma-vādinām of you, who are expert in chanting the Vedic mantras; SB 9.1.17
deha-ātma-vādinām who ascribe to the view that the body is the self; SB 10.14.52
brahma-vādinām who were expert in knowledge of the Vedas; SB 10.89.13
brahma-vādinām of the learned community of Vedic teachers; SB 11.15.35
khyāti-vādinām among the speculative philosophers; SB 11.16.24
vādinām of the opposing disputants; CC Madhya 6.108