vajra-āyudha-vallabhā the wives of the personality who controls the thunderbolt; SB 1.14.37
vajra-dharaḥ the controller of the thunderbolts; SB 2.7.1
vajra thunderbolt; SB 2.7.9
vajra-kūṭa-ańga body like a great mountain; SB 3.13.29
vajra and diamond; SB 3.15.29
vajra-sāraiḥ as hard as a thunderbolt; SB 3.19.25
vajra bedecked with diamonds; SB 3.23.18
vajra of diamond; SB 3.23.19
vajra thunderbolt; SB 3.28.21
vajra-saṃhanana by bodies as solid as thunderbolts; SB 5.17.12
vajra-nakha O You who possess nails like thunderbolts; SB 5.18.8
vajra-daṃṣṭra O You who possess teeth like thunderbolts; SB 5.18.8
vajra-kūṭaḥ Vajrakūṭa; SB 5.20.3-4
vajra-kaṇṭaka-śālmalī Vajrakaṇṭaka-śālmalī; SB 5.26.7
vajra-daṃṣṭrāḥ having mighty teeth; SB 5.26.27
vajra-tuṇḍāḥ those who have powerful beaks; SB 5.26.35
vajra-dharam bearing the thunderbolt; SB 6.10.17-18
vajra-dharaḥ the carrier of the thunderbolt (King Indra); SB 6.11.9
vajra-āyudham whose weapon was the thunderbolt (made from the bones of Dadhīci); SB 6.11.13
tvat-vajra of your thunderbolt; SB 6.11.21
vajra-saṃhananaḥ having a body as strong as a thunderbolt; SB 7.3.23
vajra-sārāḥ their bodies becoming invincible to thunderbolts; SB 7.10.60
vajra-daṇḍaiḥ with rods made of valuable jewels and pearls; SB 8.10.13-15
vajra-daṃṣṭraḥ Vajradaṃṣṭra; SB 8.10.19-24
vajra-pāṇiḥ Indra, who always carries in his hand the thunderbolt; SB 8.11.3
vajra-dharaḥ the carrier of the thunderbolt; SB 8.11.27
vajra made of diamonds; SB 8.15.16
vajra-pāṇaye unto Indra, who carries the thunderbolt; SB 9.6.19
vajra-nipāta-śańkayā by suspecting that thunderbolts were falling; SB 10.6.12
vajra-āhataḥ killed by the thunderbolt of Indra; SB 10.6.13
vajra-nirbhinnam broken by a thunderbolt; SB 10.11.47
vajra of his thunderbolt weapon; SB 10.18.28
vajra with lightning bolts; SB 10.26.25
vajra thunderbolt; SB 10.30.25
vajra thunderbolt; SB 10.35.16-17
vajra lightning bolt; SB 10.38.28-33
vajra diamonds; SB 10.41.20-23
vajra of lightning; SB 10.44.8
vajra of lightning; SB 10.44.20
vajra of lightning; SB 10.55.19
vajra of lightning; SB 10.56.24
vajra-kalpābhyām like lightning bolts; SB 10.72.34
vajra of lightning; SB 10.72.36
vajra like thunder; SB 10.72.38
vajra-kalpayā like a thunderbolt; SB 10.78.5
vajra by a lightning bolt; SB 10.79.6
vajra-kalpāḥ as strong as thunderbolts; SB 11.30.21
vajra thunderbolts; CC Adi 14.7
vajra a thunderbolt; CC Madhya 7.48
vajra-maya like a thunderbolt; CC Madhya 7.72
vajra-āghāta striking of lightning; CC Antya 8.55
vajra like a diamond; Bs 5.3