rājanya-vaṃśa dynasties of the kings; SB 1.8.43
vaṃśa-dava-agni a forest fire set by the bamboos; SB 1.10.2
vaṃśa-dharaḥ heir apparent; SB 1.12.12
āsura-vaṃśa unbelievers; SB 1.16.34
manu-vaṃśa-dharaḥ as the descendant of the Manu dynasty; SB 2.7.20
pitṛ-vaṃśa paternal family; SB 4.27.8
vaṃśa-dharaiḥ by descendants; SB 4.28.31
vaṃśa-dharam the descendant; SB 8.23.5
vaṃśa-anucaritāni ca and their dynasties and characteristics; SB 9.1.4
vaṃśa-kṛt made a dynasty; SB 9.2.33
vaṃśa-vistāraḥ a broad description of the dynasties; SB 10.1.1
paśupa-vaṃśa-śiśutva-nāṭyam the play of being a child in a family of cowherd men (another of Kṛṣṇa's names is Gopāla, "He who maintains the cows"); SB 10.13.61
yadu-vaṃśa in the Yadu dynasty; SB 10.90.40
vaṃśa the spine; SB 11.8.33
vaṃśa-dharam the maintainer of the dynasty; SB 11.31.26
ikṣvāku-vaṃśa-jaḥ born in the dynasty of Ikṣvāku; SB 12.2.37
vaṃśa-jasya of the descendant; SB 12.2.42
vaṃśa-anucaritam the narrations of their activities; SB 12.7.9-10
vaṃśa-anucaritam histories of the dynasties; SB 12.7.16
vaṃśa dharāḥ the prominent members of the dynasties; SB 12.7.16
rājanya-vaṃśa of the dynasties of kings; SB 12.11.25
rāja-vaṃśa of the dynasties of kings; SB 12.12.21
sūrya-vaṃśa of the dynasty of the sun-god; SB 12.12.22
vaṃśa-sahita with all the family members; CC Madhya 7.122
vṛṣṇi-vaṃśa-pradīpaḥ the light of the dynasty of Vṛṣṇi; CC Madhya 13.78
vara-vaṃśa-ja of the bamboo flute; CC Antya 1.189
vaṃśa family; CC Antya 4.29
vaṃśa of the dynasty; MM 2