vicitra full of variegatedness; SB 1.6.12
vicitra variegated; SB 1.7.17
vicitra of different kinds; SB 3.7.24
vicitra variegated; SB 3.8.25
vicitra highly decorated; SB 3.15.26
vicitra of various kinds; SB 3.18.19
vicitra-mālyābhiḥ with charming flowers; SB 3.23.14-15
vicitra various; SB 3.23.19
vicitra various; SB 5.17.13
vicitra wonderful; SB 5.24.9
vicitra-vīryāya having varieties of prowess; SB 7.8.40
vicitrā various types; SB 7.11.16
vicitra of many varieties; SB 8.12.18
vicitra-ādyāḥ and others, like Vicitra; SB 8.13.30
vicitra-vaiśasam inventing different kinds of harassments; SB 8.22.8
vicitra decorated varieties of; SB 10.5.7
vicitra with great variety; SB 10.21.8
upātta-vicitra-veśam dressed very attractively; SB 10.21.11
vicitra variegated; SB 10.35.16-17
vicitra various; SB 10.41.40
vicitra variegated; SB 10.43.19
vicitra splendid; SB 10.50.50-53
vicitra variegated; SB 10.54.56
vicitra variegated; SB 10.59.16
vicitra variegated; SB 10.69.9-12
vicitra wonderful; SB 10.81.21-23
vicitra variegated; SB 10.87.19
vicitra variegated; SB 10.90.1-7
vicitra-vyasanāt which is full of various dangers; SB 11.2.9
vicitra variegated; SB 11.21.38-40
vicitra varieties; CC Adi 8.52
vicitra wonderful; CC Adi 17.217
vicitra wonderful; CC Madhya 4.5
vicitra uncommon; CC Madhya 12.176
vicitra nahe this is not extraordinary; CC Madhya 15.165
upātta-vicitra-veśam dressed very attractively; CC Madhya 17.36
ki vicitra what astonishment; CC Antya 7.9
vicitra wonderful; CC Antya 18.100