vidvān the learned; BG 3.25
vidvān a learned person; BG 3.26
vidvān the supremely learned; SB 1.7.6
vidvan O learned one; SB 1.18.15
vidvan O learned; SB 2.3.14
vidvan O learned one; SB 3.7.7
vidvan O learned one; SB 3.7.16
vidvan O learned one; SB 3.14.10
vidvan O wise man; SB 3.22.14
vidvān knowing; SB 3.24.10
vidvān he who has knowledge; SB 4.20.5
vidvān api although he knew it; SB 4.24.5
vidvān learned; SB 4.26.7
vidvān perfectly educated; SB 4.28.40
vidvān educated; SB 4.29.51
vidvān educated; SB 4.29.51
vidvān a person advanced in spiritual knowledge; SB 5.19.14
vidvān having known; SB 6.7.9
vidvān very learned; SB 6.18.29
vidvān very learned; SB 7.5.55
vidvān having learned; SB 7.6.15
vidvān knowing (the inconvenience of material existence, especially in household life); SB 7.6.16
vidvān a person who is not foolish but fully aware of things as they are; SB 7.7.19-20
vidvān so-called learned philosophers, scientists and politicians; SB 7.9.25
tat-vidvān knowing very well the art of singing; SB 7.15.72
vidvān one who understands this philosophy; SB 8.16.56
tat-vidvān although it was known to him; SB 8.19.14
vidvān one who is learned; SB 8.19.17
vidvān because of his being the most learned person; SB 8.20.20
vidvān api even a person fortunately advanced in education; SB 8.22.17
vidvān completely understanding; SB 9.4.15-16
vidvān learned in Vedic knowledge; SB 9.9.29
vidvān being completely aware of this fact; SB 9.13.3
vidvān being aware of; SB 9.16.8
vidvān one who is completely aware; SB 9.19.20
vidvan O learned speaker (Śukadeva Gosvāmī); SB 10.1.4
vidvān one who is actually in knowledge; SB 10.10.12
vidvān knowing quite well; SB 10.18.18
vidvān knowing; SB 10.57.14
vidvān already aware; SB 10.58.23
vidvan O learned one; SB 10.61.20
vidvān well aware; SB 10.64.7
vidvān knowing; SB 10.72.40
vidvan O wise one; SB 10.80.29
vidvān in full knowledge; SB 11.7.26
vidvān he who is in knowledge of; SB 11.7.37
vidvān knowing; SB 11.9.1
vidvān being omniscient; SB 11.11.7
vidvān an enlightened person; SB 11.11.8
vidvān one who is enlightened; SB 11.11.9
vidvān an intelligent person; SB 11.11.11
vidvān a learned person; SB 11.13.12
vidvān one who knows; SB 11.13.29
vidvān although most learned; SB 11.18.29
vidvān knowing; SB 11.20.14
vidvān in knowledge; SB 11.22.50
vidvān one who is wise; SB 11.23.26
vidvān a wise person; SB 11.25.34
vidvān one who knows; SB 11.28.8
vidvān a wise person; SB 11.28.30
parama vidvān greatly learned personalities; CC Madhya 12.35
parama-vidvān the most learned; CC Antya 11.105
vidvān the knower; Iso 18