vidyām aham shall I know; BG 10.17
sa-vidyām full of knowledge; SB 3.5.40
vidyām in the knowledge; SB 3.9.30
vidyām knowledge; SB 3.24.40
vidyām knowledge; SB 4.18.19
ātma-vidyām spiritual knowledge; SB 4.31.27
ātma-vidyām ākhyāya after instructing many people about self-realization; SB 5.15.4
vidyām this mystical prayer; SB 6.8.37
vidyām prayer; SB 6.8.38
vidyām prayer; SB 6.8.42
vidyām transcendental knowledge; SB 6.16.17
vidyām transcendental knowledge; SB 6.16.26
vidyām transcendental knowledge; SB 6.16.27
vidyām mystic formulas (by which one can appear and disappear); SB 7.8.46
vidyām absolute knowledge; SB 9.2.32
aśva-vidyām the art of controlling horses; SB 9.9.16-17
vidyām mystic power; SB 9.24.32
vidyām knowledge; SB 10.25.4
vidyām the branch of knowledge; SB 10.45.34
vidyām mystic knowledge; SB 10.55.16
mahā-vidyām (He utilized) the mystic knowledge called Mahā-māyā; SB 10.55.22
vidyām a mystic incantation; SB 10.89.42
vidyām science; Bs 5.57
vidyām knowledge in fact; Iso 11