sarva-vikāra-kośaḥ the reservoir of all changes; SB 2.1.34
vikāra affection (happiness and distress); SB 2.10.32
vikāra-ātmakam changing from one type of thinking, feeling and willing to another; SB 10.1.42
vikāra-vit knowing the restless mind; SB 10.10.30-31
vikāra and of the transformations of the five gross elements; SB 11.28.22
vikāra-mayaḥ also comprising the transformations (of the eleven senses and the five gross elements); SB 12.11.5
praṇaya-vikāra transformation of love; CC Adi 4.59
vikāra transformations; CC Adi 4.65
vikāra transformations; CC Adi 4.260
cit-śakti-vikāra change of the spiritual energy; CC Adi 5.33
vikāra transformation; CC Adi 7.113
vikāra changed; CC Adi 8.24
vikāra transformation; CC Adi 8.27
vikāra transformations; CC Adi 14.28
vikāra transformation; CC Adi 14.31
vikāra transformation; CC Adi 14.32
vikāra transformation; CC Madhya 2.11
premera vikāra ecstatic transformations; CC Madhya 6.6
vikāra transformation; CC Madhya 6.11
vikāra transformation; CC Madhya 6.13
vikāra transformation; CC Madhya 6.166
vikāra transformations; CC Madhya 9.238
vikāra agitation; CC Madhya 11.10
vikāra transformation; CC Madhya 11.219
vikāra transformation; CC Madhya 11.222
vikāra transformations; CC Madhya 13.101
khaṇḍera vikāra made from sugar candy; CC Madhya 14.32
premera vikāra transformations of ecstasy; CC Madhya 17.231
vikāra symptoms; CC Madhya 18.156
vikāra-viśeṣa with a special transforming agent; CC Madhya 20.310
sañcārī vikāra the transient transformations; CC Madhya 25.69
vikāra transformation; CC Antya 1.140
sāttvika vikāra all such transcendental transformations; CC Antya 2.19
vikāra transformation; CC Antya 5.35-36
khaṇḍa-vikāra modified forms of sugar-candy sweets; CC Antya 10.25
maṇḍādi-vikāra varieties of sweetmeats made from maṇḍa, or milk and cream; CC Antya 10.26
vikāra transformations; CC Antya 11.13
vikāra transformations; CC Antya 11.14
adbhuta vikāra uncommon transformations of the body; CC Antya 14.80
aṣṭa-sāttvika vikāra eight kinds of transcendental transformations; CC Antya 14.99
ānanda-vikāra transformation of transcendental bliss; CC Antya 16.148
vikāra transformations; CC Antya 17.64
vikāra transformations; CC Antya 18.10
vikāra transformations; CC Antya 18.12
prema-vikāra transformations of ecstatic emotion; CC Antya 18.15
vikāra transformation; CC Antya 18.16-17
vikāra transformations; CC Antya 18.19
vikāra transformations of the body; CC Antya 18.69
vikāra-viśeṣa of a special transformation; Bs 5.45