vikāraḥ transformation; SB 2.2.17
vikāraḥ reaction; SB 2.3.24
vikāraḥ material ego; SB 2.6.42
vikārāḥ transformations; SB 5.11.11
vikārāḥ transformations; SB 7.7.22
vikāraḥ transformation; SB 7.15.59
vikāraḥ the transformations (of the eleven senses); SB 10.63.26
vikārāḥ transformations; SB 10.88.4
vikāraḥ the transformation; SB 11.12.19
vikāraḥ the sixteen elements (earth, water, fire, air and sky, the five working senses, the five knowledge-acquiring senses and the mind); SB 11.16.37
vikārāḥ transformations; SB 11.16.41
vikāraḥ (the material body and mind, which are subject to) constant transformation; SB 11.19.7
vikāraḥ transformation; SB 11.22.33
vikāraḥ the transformation; SB 11.24.17
vikāraḥ the transformation of created existence; SB 12.4.29
vikāraḥ transformation or the false ego; CC Adi 5.83
vikāraḥ transformation; CC Adi 8.25
vikāraḥ transformation or the false ego; CC Madhya 20.267