amita-vikramaḥ and unlimited force; BG 11.40
vikramaḥ prowess; SB 1.11.16-17
vikramaḥ forward steps; SB 2.6.7
vikramaḥ specific power or situation; SB 2.8.21
vikramaḥ influence; SB 2.9.10
pratisaṃruddha-vikramaḥ suspending all power of manifestation; SB 3.11.28
vikramaḥ prowess; SB 3.19.32
viśruta-vikramaḥ he whose chivalrous activities are widely reputed; SB 4.16.26
vikramaḥ prowess or processes; SB 4.29.18-20
vikramaḥ prowess; SB 5.2.8
vikramaḥ bravery; SB 5.20.6
uru-vikramaḥ who is famous for his great strength; SB 6.11.10
siṃha-vikramaḥ strong like a lion; SB 8.8.33
śīghra-vikramaḥ was practiced to oppress very soon; SB 8.10.42
vikramaḥ prowess; SB 8.12.45
ūrjita-vikramaḥ extremely powerful; SB 8.15.31
vikramaḥ the use of power; SB 8.17.16
satya-vikramaḥ very pious and chivalrous; SB 9.24.36
vikramaḥ his prowess; SB 10.17.7
vikramaḥ whose deeds; SB 10.34.20
vikramaḥ whose gait; SB 10.41.27
vikramaḥ whose prowess; SB 10.77.33
vikramaḥ whose strength; CC Madhya 8.6
kāla-vikramaḥ the influence of time or annihilation; CC Madhya 20.270