viśvakarmā Viśvakarmā; SB 6.6.15
viśvakarma-vinirmitaḥ manufactured by Viśvakarmā; SB 6.9.54
viśvakarmā prajāpatiḥ Viśvakarmā, one of the prajāpatis, the sons of Lord Brahmā who generate progeny; SB 8.8.16
viśvakarmā Viśvakarmā; SB 8.10.29
viśvakarma-sute the two daughters of Viśvakarmā; SB 8.13.8
viśvakarma-vinirmitām constructed by Viśvakarmā, the heavenly architect; SB 8.15.15
viśvakarma-vinirmitam which is especially created by Viśvakarmā; SB 8.22.32
viśvakarmā creative person; CC Antya 1.167