tattva-vit the knower of the Absolute Truth; BG 3.28
kṛtsna-vit one who is in factual knowledge; BG 3.29
tattva-vit one who knows the truth; BG 5.8-9
brahma-vit one who knows the Supreme perfectly; BG 5.20
yoga-vit-tamāḥ the most perfect in knowledge of yoga; BG 12.1
veda-vit the knower of the Vedas; BG 15.1
veda-vit the knower of the Vedas; BG 15.15
sarva-vit the knower of everything; BG 15.19
dharma-vit one who knows what religion is; SB 1.4.27
dharma-vit one who knows the principles of religion; SB 1.7.36
vibhāga-vit one who knows the adjustment of place and time; SB 1.9.9
tattva-vit one who knows the truth; SB 1.9.28
tīrtha-vit one who knows how, when and where charity is to be given; SB 1.12.14
rasa-vit expert in relishing mellow nectar; SB 1.18.14
viṭ the vaiśyas; SB 2.1.37
viṭ-varāha the village hog who eats stool; SB 2.3.19
brahma-vit-tama O Nārada, the best knower of transcendental knowledge; SB 2.5.32
su-bahu-vit highly experienced; SB 3.1.5
tattva-vit expert transcendentalist; SB 3.9.41
bahu-vit-tama O greatly learned one; SB 3.10.2
sāra-vit one who knows the essence of; SB 3.13.50
bhāva-vit knowing the intentions; SB 3.15.4
viṭ stool; SB 3.19.19
tattva-vit-tamam the foremost knower of the science of spiritual life; SB 3.20.4
avyakta-mārga-vit knower of that which we do not know; SB 3.20.9
ātma-vit a knower of spirit soul; SB 3.23.47
sarva-sańkalpa-vit the knower of all desires; SB 3.23.47
ātma-vit of the self-realized soul; SB 3.28.2
viṭ-mūtrayoḥ of stools and urine; SB 3.31.5
viṭ stool; SB 3.31.17
viṭ-bhujaḥ stool-eaters (hogs); SB 3.32.19
yoga-vit very powerful yogī; SB 4.1.33
atattva-vit not conversant with the truth; SB 4.3.11
vibhāga-vit one who knows the divisions; SB 4.8.54
artha-vit being very wise; SB 4.9.28
viṭ stool; SB 4.10.24
vit-tamaḥ well conversant; SB 4.13.24
brahma-vit-uttamāt well versed in the Vedic knowledge; SB 4.17.5
mokṣa-dharma-vit the knower of the path of liberation; SB 4.19.32
kṣetra-vit knower of the field; SB 4.22.37
veda-śāstra-vit one who knows the purport of Vedic literature; SB 4.22.45
viṭ-patiḥ becomes master of animals; SB 4.23.32
ātma-vit self-realized; SB 4.24.33
ātma-vit of the self-realized; SB 4.24.54
rasa-vit named Rasajña (expert in tasting); SB 4.29.11
viṭ-bhujām of stool-eaters; SB 5.5.1
bahu-vit being very advanced in knowledge; SB 5.7.4
brahma-vit of self-realized, saintly devotees; SB 5.15.7
bahu-vit fully aware of the conclusion of Vedic literature; SB 5.15.9
viṭ of stool; SB 5.26.22
viṭ stool; SB 5.26.23
nidāna-vit one who is expert in diagnosis; SB 6.1.8
mantra-vit knowing how to chant the Vedic hymns; SB 6.1.56-57
dharma-vit knowing the religious principles; SB 6.5.31
tattva-vit one who knows the truth; SB 6.9.48
vit-vān one who is accomplished in devotional service; SB 6.9.50
viṭ stool; SB 6.18.25
sarva-vit full of knowledge; SB 7.2.22
adhyātma-vit one who is expert in understanding the distinction between spirit and matter; SB 7.7.21
viṭ stool; SB 7.14.13
dharma-tattva-vit one who is actually learned in regard to religious activities; SB 7.15.7
yajña-vit-tamāḥ who know perfectly well the purpose of sacrifice; SB 7.15.9
dharma-vit one who is actually advanced in religious principles; SB 7.15.11
viṭ becoming stool; SB 7.15.37
viṭ vaiśyas; SB 8.5.41
vit completely aware of; SB 8.6.28
sarva-upāya-vit one who knows how to deal with different situations; SB 8.8.41-46
dharma-vit completely aware of religious principles; SB 8.18.28
parama-dharma-vit the most learned scholar in religious principles; SB 9.1.6
ātma-vit fully conscious by self-realization; SB 9.6.35-36
tat-pariṇāma-vit knowing the result of becoming powerful as a king; SB 9.18.2
dharma-vit aware of all religious principles; SB 9.18.32
yoga-vit expert in the power of mystic yoga; SB 9.19.10
deśa-kāla-vidhāna-vit completely aware of duties according to time, position and objective; SB 9.20.16
sāra-vit knowing to be perfectly correct; SB 10.1.55
prabhāva-vit he could now understand the influence (of the Supreme Personality of Godhead); SB 10.3.12
tat-vit expert in that knowledge, or in full knowledge; SB 10.8.30
viṭ or into stool; SB 10.10.10
vikāra-vit knowing the restless mind; SB 10.10.30-31
viśva-vit Kṛṣṇa, who is aware of everything going on throughout the whole cosmic manifestation; SB 10.13.17
ahetu-vit not understanding the reason; SB 10.13.35
viṭ-pateḥ of Lord Kṛṣṇa, the master of the cowherd community; SB 10.16.18
vit knowing well; SB 10.16.22
anubhāva-vit knowing well the omnipotence; SB 10.17.16
vihāra-vit the knower of all sports and games; SB 10.18.19
viṭ-patayaḥ kings; SB 10.20.24
dharma-vit-tamāḥ O best knowers of the principles of religion; SB 10.23.7
dharma-vit knower of religious principles; SB 10.38.40
viṭ as feces; SB 10.51.50
apramāṇa-vit unaware of the scope; SB 10.52.9
atharva-vit who was expert in the mantras of the Atharva Veda; SB 10.53.12
apramāṇa-vit not knowing the dimensions; SB 10.54.23
vit aware; SB 10.56.22
viṭ stool; SB 10.60.45
tattva-vit who knows perfectly; SB 10.70.46
vit who knew well; SB 10.74.25
viṭ vaiśyas; SB 10.75.25-26
vit the expert knower; SB 10.76.27
vit feces; SB 10.78.39
vit-tamaḥ most learned; SB 10.80.6
vit knowers; SB 10.84.16
vit being in knowledge; SB 10.86.33
brahma-vit-tamāḥ the most expert knowers of the Supreme; SB 11.3.34
savana-vit the knower of these phases of time; SB 11.3.38
dharma-vit expert in religious principles; SB 11.7.25
vit one who knows how to recognize; SB 11.8.15
viṭ stool; SB 11.8.33
viṭ vaiśyas, mercantile men; SB 11.17.13
vit one who knows; SB 11.19.40-45
viṭ of stool; SB 11.26.21
artha-vit one who knows what is best for him; SB 11.26.22
viṭ-bhuk as a stool-eating worm; SB 11.27.54
vit who knows; SB 11.29.5
viṭ vaiśyas; SB 12.2.7
viṭ of the vaiśyas; SB 12.2.35
viṭ stool; SB 12.2.41
brahma-vit-tamaḥ most perfectly realized in knowledge of the Absolute Truth; SB 12.6.76-77
atharva-vit the expert knower of the Atharva Veda; SB 12.7.1
atharva-vit full in knowledge of the Atharva Veda; SB 12.7.2
bahu-vit-tamam the possessor of the broadest knowledge; SB 12.11.1
tattva-vit the knower of the essential facts; SB 12.11.1
bhāṣā-vit knower of languages; CC Madhya 23.71
brahma-vit hañā being fully aware of Brahman; CC Antya 8.21