tri-vṛt composed of the three; SB 2.1.17
tri-vṛt three kinds of life vigor; SB 3.7.23
tri-vṛt the threefold; SB 3.27.13
tri-vṛt the three modes of material nature; SB 3.32.29
tri-vṛt the three departments of knowledge of the Vedas; SB 4.7.27
tri-vṛt influenced by the three modes; SB 4.29.74
tri-vṛt consisting of the letters a, u and m; SB 8.7.25
tri-vṛt the three letters a-u-m combined together as oṃ; SB 9.14.46
tri-vṛt threefold (the first from the physical parents, the second at the time of brahminical initiation, and the third at the time of initiation into the performances of Vedic sacrifice); SB 10.23.40
tri-vṛt threefold (by the modes of material nature); SB 10.87.26
tri-vṛt threefold; SB 11.3.37
tri-vṛt containing the three modes of material nature; SB 11.12.20
tri-vṛt consisting of three letters; SB 11.16.12
tri-vṛt in three divisions; SB 11.17.12
tri-vṛt in three phases; SB 11.22.33
tri-vṛt in three categories; SB 11.24.7
tri-vṛt threefold; SB 12.6.39
tri-vṛt threefold; SB 12.8.33-34
tri-vṛt threefold; SB 12.11.11-12
tri-vṛt threefold; SB 12.11.19