vyavasitāḥ have decided; BG 1.44
vyavasitaḥ situated in determination; BG 9.30
vyavasitāḥ having decided; SB 4.13.35
vyavasitāḥ decided; SB 4.14.34
vyavasitaḥ having arrived at the conclusion; SB 4.17.13
vyavasitāḥ being fully convinced by the instructions of Nārada Muni; SB 6.5.21
kṛta-vyavasitaḥ making certain of what to do (in giving his body to the demigods); SB 6.10.11
vyavasitaḥ fixed; SB 8.3.1
vyavasitaḥ deciding; SB 9.1.21
vyavasitaḥ determined; SB 9.6.41-42
vyavasitaḥ having firmly decided; SB 9.9.48
vyavasitaḥ fixing his determination; SB 10.56.43
vyavasitaḥ fixing his determination; SB 10.81.38
vyavasitaḥ deciding for certain; SB 11.1.5
vyavasitaḥ established; SB 11.29.20