yajñaiḥ with sacrifices; BG 9.20
yajñaiḥ with sacrifices; BG 16.17
yajñaiḥ by the prescribed sacrifices; SB 1.8.52
yajñaiḥ sacrifices; SB 1.12.34
yajñaiḥ by sacrifices or devotional services; SB 1.17.33
yajñaiḥ by sacrifices; SB 3.9.41
yajñaiḥ by sacrifices; SB 3.13.11
yajñaiḥ by great sacrifices; SB 4.9.24
yajñaiḥ by sacrifices; SB 4.14.21
yajñaiḥ by the sacrifices; SB 4.20.1
dravya-yajñaiḥ with animals and other eatable things; SB 7.15.10
yajñaiḥ by performing various sacrifices; SB 9.6.11
yajñaiḥ with ritual sacrifices; SB 10.40.5
yajñaiḥ by Vedic fire sacrifices; SB 10.64.14-15
yajñaiḥ by Vedic sacrifices; SB 10.84.40
yajñaiḥ with sacrifices; SB 10.84.51
yajñaiḥ by sacrifice; SB 11.5.32
yajñaiḥ with sacrifices; SB 11.10.23
yajñaiḥ by prescribed sacrifices; SB 11.20.10
yajñaiḥ by sacrificial rituals; SB 11.21.29-30
yajñaiḥ by our sacrifices; SB 11.21.33-34
yajñaiḥ by sacrifice; CC Adi 3.52
yajñaiḥ by sacrifice; CC Madhya 6.103
yajñaiḥ by sacrifice; CC Madhya 11.100
yajñaiḥ by sacrifice; CC Madhya 20.342
yajñaiḥ by the performance of great sacrifices; CC Madhya 20.346
yajñaiḥ by sacrifice; CC Antya 20.10