yāma-ādyaiḥ with Yāma and others; SB 1.3.12
yama-ādibhiḥ by the process of practicing self-restraint; SB 1.6.35
yama-karta-hetim the process of spiritual culture; SB 2.7.48
yama of Yama, the god of punishment; SB 3.21.51
yama-ādibhiḥ beginning with yama; SB 3.27.6
yama-dūtau two messengers of Yamarāja; SB 3.30.19
yama-sādanam to the presence of Yamarāja; SB 3.30.23
yama-sādane in the abode of Yamarāja; SB 3.30.26
yama-puruṣaiḥ by the assistants of Yamarāja; SB 5.26.8
yama-yātanām upagatam being subjected to miserable conditions by Yamarāja; SB 5.26.11
yama-anucarāḥ the servants of Yamarāja; SB 5.26.13
yama-puruṣāḥ the agents of Yamarāja; SB 5.26.19
yama-puruṣāḥ the assistants of Yamarāja; SB 5.26.24
yama-sadane in the abode of Yamarāja; SB 5.26.31
yama-yātanāsu the persecutions of Yamarāja; SB 5.26.32
yama-ālaye in the province of Yamarāja; SB 5.26.37
yama-preṣyān the messengers of Yamarāja; SB 6.1.31
yama-antikam to the abode of Lord Yamarāja; SB 6.2.21
yama-rājñe unto King Yamarāja; SB 6.2.21
yama-kṛṣṇayoḥ of Yamarāja and Lord Kṛṣṇa; SB 6.2.24-25
yama-yātanāḥ the miserable conditions imposed by Yamarāja; SB 6.2.29
yama-kińkaraiḥ by the order carriers of Yamarāja; SB 6.2.47-48
yama-kińkarāḥ all the servants of Yamarāja; SB 6.3.34
yama-kṣayam to the place of Yamarāja, the superintendent of death; SB 7.8.5
yama-uttamāḥ the best process of controlling the senses; SB 8.16.61
yama controlling processes; SB 8.21.2-3
yama-kṣayāt from punishment by Yamarāja, or from the custody of Yamarāja; SB 9.20.22
yama-anujā the River Yamunā, who is considered the younger sister of Yamarāja; SB 10.3.50
yāma-yamena as the time of each activity passed; SB 10.13.23
yāma we shall go; SB 10.29.35
yāma let us go; SB 10.41.12
yama of the lord of death; SB 10.43.4
yama and Yamarāja; SB 10.43.5
tri-yāma three yāmas (nine hours), i.e., the night; SB 10.53.23
yama of Yamarāja, the lord of death; SB 10.59.14
yama-kṣayam to the abode of Yamarāja; SB 10.64.22
yama-ādibhiḥ by disciplinary regulations, etc.; SB 11.20.24
yama of the king of death; SB 11.30.5
yama-loka to the planet of Yamarāja; SB 11.31.12
ayāta-yāma unknown to anyone else; SB 12.6.72
yāma-kṣaṇam every hour and every minute; SB 12.12.59
yama Yamarāja; CC Adi 3.79
yama Yamarāja; CC Adi 12.70
yama-daṇḍī subject to be punished by Yamarāja; CC Madhya 6.167
yama the superintendent of death, Yamarāja; CC Madhya 18.115
kāla-yama death knell; CC Madhya 20.25
yama controlling the senses and the mind; CC Madhya 22.145
yena yama daṇḍa-dhara exactly like the superintendent of death, Yamarāja; CC Madhya 24.235
yāma shall go; CC Antya 4.64
yama the regulating principle; Iso 16