yaśaḥ fame; BG 10.4-5
yaśaḥ fame; BG 11.33
yaśaḥ glories; SB 1.1.16
yaśaḥ glories; SB 1.5.8
yaśaḥ glories; SB 1.5.10
yaśaḥ glories; SB 1.5.11
yaśaḥ amalam unadulterated glories; SB 1.5.28
yaśaḥ fame; SB 1.8.6
yaśaḥ fame; SB 1.10.11-12
yaśaḥ wonderful activities; SB 1.10.25
yaśaḥ fame; SB 1.12.5
yaśaḥ fame; SB 1.12.20
yaśaḥ glories; SB 1.16.13-15
yaśaḥ-dharāṇām of us who inherited the fame; SB 1.17.31
yaśaḥ in fame; SB 1.18.11
yaśaḥ-kāmaḥ one who desires to be famous; SB 2.3.2-7
yaśaḥ-dhā famous; SB 3.1.38
yaśaḥ fame; SB 3.13.8
yaśaḥ fame; SB 3.14.12
yaśaḥ recognition; SB 3.14.44-45
yaśaḥ glories; SB 3.16.6
yaśaḥ reputation; SB 3.22.13
yaśaḥ fame; SB 3.24.4
yaśaḥ fame; SB 3.24.15
yaśaḥ fame; SB 3.24.32
yaśaḥ-karam enhancing the glory; SB 3.28.18
yaśaḥ fame; SB 3.29.9
yaśaḥ fame; SB 3.31.33
yaśaḥ reputation; SB 4.1.31
yaśaḥ-ghnaḥ spoiling the fame; SB 4.2.10
yaśaḥ reputation; SB 4.8.68
yaśaḥ reputation; SB 4.8.69
yaśaḥ reputation; SB 4.15.4
yaśaḥ reputation; SB 4.16.21
vīra-yaśaḥ-karebhyaḥ who bring renown to heroes themselves; SB 4.17.36
yaśaḥ glorification; SB 4.20.26
mahā-yaśāḥ with a background of great activities; SB 4.21.6
yaśaḥ reputation; SB 4.21.7
yaśaḥ reputation; SB 4.21.8
yaśaḥ reputation; SB 4.21.38
su-yaśāḥ very famous; SB 4.23.34
yaśaḥ reputation; SB 4.25.39
yaśaḥ glorification; SB 4.31.24
yaśaḥ reputation; SB 4.31.31
yaśaḥ reputation; SB 5.4.14
hṛṣīkeśa-yaśaḥ by the glories of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hṛṣīkeśa, the master of all senses; SB 5.13.21
yaśaḥ-hā defaming the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 6.5.38
yaśaḥ fame; SB 6.10.8
yaśaḥ reputation and glory; SB 6.10.32
yaśaḥ good reputation; SB 6.19.25
yaśaḥ reputation; SB 7.8.54
yaśaḥ reputation; SB 7.10.51
yaśaḥ fame; SB 7.15.19
yaśaḥ-dhāma the glories of the Lord; SB 8.4.3-4
mahā-yaśāḥ very celebrated, well-known; SB 8.4.9
yaśaḥ reputation; SB 8.16.16
yaśaḥ reputation; SB 8.17.15
yaśaḥ-karam fit for spreading your reputation; SB 8.19.2
yaśaḥ the reputation; SB 8.19.32
yaśaḥ vṛttim reputation and means of livelihood; SB 8.20.2
yaśaḥ the reputation; SB 8.20.8
yaśaḥ perpetual fame; SB 8.20.13
mahā-yaśāḥ very famous; SB 9.1.21
tṛṇabindoḥ yaśaḥ-dharāḥ continued the fame of King Tṛṇabindu; SB 9.2.35-36
mahā-yaśāḥ very famous; SB 9.7.21
mahā-yaśāḥ having a great reputation; SB 9.8.4
yaśaḥ fame; SB 9.11.20
yaśaḥ famous glories; SB 9.11.21
yaśaḥ fame; SB 9.15.16
mahā-yaśāḥ very famous; SB 9.20.23
su-mahā-yaśāḥ greatly famous; SB 9.23.32
yaśaḥ His glories or reputation; SB 9.24.61
yaśaḥ-tīrtha-vare keeping oneself in the best of holy places by hearing the transcendental activities of the Lord; SB 9.24.62
bhoja-yaśaḥ-karaḥ a brilliant star in the Bhoja dynasty; SB 10.1.37
yaśaḥ fame; SB 10.2.21
yaśaḥ fame; SB 10.4.46
mahā-yaśāḥ the very famous transcendentalist; SB 10.8.50
yaśaḥ whose fame; SB 10.14.58
sva-yaśaḥ His glories; SB 10.15.2
yaśaḥ glories; SB 10.15.6
yaśaḥ the glories; SB 10.27.24
yaśaḥ the glories; SB 10.33.4
yaśaḥ His fame; SB 10.38.13
yaśaḥ glories; SB 10.40.16
yaśaḥ fame; SB 10.41.52
yaśaḥ glory; SB 10.43.29
yaśaḥ the fame; SB 10.48.24
yaśaḥ by the glory; SB 10.49.1-2
mahā-yaśāḥ most famous; SB 10.49.15
yaśāḥ whose fame; SB 10.51.21
yaśaḥ their honor; SB 10.53.57
yaśaḥ the honor; SB 10.53.57
yaśaḥ fame; SB 10.56.28
yaśaḥ fame; SB 10.70.39
yaśaḥ fame; SB 10.70.44
yaśaḥ glory; SB 10.71.4
yaśaḥ fame; SB 10.72.20
yaśaḥ glory; SB 10.72.26
yaśāḥ whose glory; SB 10.76.13
yaśāḥ whose fame; SB 10.84.28
yaśaḥ glories; SB 10.86.21
yaśaḥ Your fame; SB 10.86.34
yaśaḥ His fame; SB 10.89.14-17
yaśaḥ glories; SB 11.3.30
yaśaḥ the fame; SB 11.5.50
yaśaḥ His fame; SB 11.6.2-4
yaśaḥ fame; SB 11.14.10
yaśaḥ and fame; SB 11.17.41
yaśaḥ the fame; SB 11.23.16
yaśaḥ-prītiḥ being fond of praise; SB 11.25.2-5
yaśaḥ fame; SB 12.2.6
yaśaḥ their fame; SB 12.3.14
yaśaḥ fame; SB 12.10.36
yaśaḥ fame; SB 12.11.18
yaśaḥ the glories; SB 12.12.50
yaśaḥ the glories; SB 12.12.51
yaśaḥ the glories; SB 12.12.52
yaśaḥ in fame; SB 12.12.54
yaśaḥ fame; CC Adi 8.54
yaśaḥ reputation; CC Madhya 15.270
yaśaḥ fame; CC Madhya 22.88-90
yaśāḥ whose fame; CC Madhya 23.87-91
yaśaḥ the glories; CC Madhya 24.98
yaśaḥ reputation; CC Madhya 24.177
yaśaḥ reputation; CC Madhya 25.84
yaśaḥ the glories; CC Antya 1.175