yoniḥ source of birth; BG 14.3
mahat yoniḥ source of birth in the material substance; BG 14.4
ātma-yoniḥ of Brahmājī; SB 2.2.1
ātma-yoniḥ self-sufficient; SB 3.5.9
dharma-yoniḥ the father of all religion; SB 3.7.35
ātma-yoniḥ generating from the Personality of Viṣṇu; SB 3.8.14
yoniḥ the cause of appearance; SB 3.27.23
yoniḥ whose source of birth; SB 5.1.7
padma-yoniḥ Lord Brahmā; SB 6.17.12
ātma-yoniḥ who is born without a mother (directly begotten by the father, Lord Viṣṇu); SB 7.9.35
dagdha-yoniḥ whose source (the wood) has burnt up; SB 7.12.31
śabda-yoniḥ the origin and source of Vedic literature; SB 8.7.25
ātma-yoniḥ Lord Brahmā; SB 9.14.14
yoniḥ the source; SB 9.22.43
yoniḥ the source of birth; SB 9.24.34
yoniḥ the source; SB 11.12.20
ātma-yoniḥ Lord Brahmā, who is born from My body; SB 11.14.15
yoniḥ the demigods; SB 11.24.22-27
brahma-yoniḥ the source of the Vedas; SB 12.11.24
ātma-yoniḥ Lord Brahmā; CC Adi 6.102
yoniḥ the symbol of mundane feminine productivity; Bs 5.8