yuktam just befitting; SB 1.17.17
yuktam empowered with; SB 2.9.17
yuktam right course; SB 3.5.2
yuktam suited; SB 3.22.9
yuktām suitable; SB 3.24.22-23
yuktam attached; SB 4.12.6
yuktām decorated; SB 4.25.16
yuktam befitting; SB 5.18.5
yuktam suitable; SB 6.10.32
yuktam befitting; SB 7.3.12
dharma-yuktam in terms of religious principles; SB 8.19.1
jīva-yuktam with all the living entities; SB 8.20.22
aṣṭa-ṛddhi-yuktām composed of the eight kinds of mystic perfection; SB 9.21.12
sattva-yuktam endowed with (spiritual) goodness; SB 10.20.43
yuktam in agreement; SB 10.33.31
yuktam yoked; SB 10.53.5
yuktam fitting; SB 10.69.15
yuktam yoked; SB 10.70.14
yuktam wearing; SB 10.77.36
yuktam equipped; SB 11.11.46
yuktam proper; SB 11.18.34
yuktam reasonably; SB 11.22.4
citta-yuktam along with consciousness (implying not only conditioned consciousness together with the object of that consciousness and the presiding Deity Vāsudeva, but also the mind together with the object of thought and the moon-god Candra, intelligence with the object of intelligence and Lord Brahmā, and false ego together with the identification of false ego and Lord Rudra); SB 11.22.32
karma-yuktam full of fruitive activities; SB 11.24.15
rajaḥ-yuktam one who is in the mode of passion; SB 11.25.9
yuktam endowed; SB 12.7.9-10
yuktam conjoined; SB 12.11.13
yuktam endowed; SB 12.12.55
yuktam quite befitting; CC Madhya 6.109