kalpate is considered eligible; BG 2.15
kalpate becomes; BG 14.26
kalpate is qualified; BG 18.51-53
kalpate they are meant for administration; SB 1.8.50
kalpate becomes eligible; SB 3.12.31
kalpate leads; SB 3.23.55
kalpate leads; SB 3.23.56
kalpate is capable; SB 3.27.25
kalpate becomes eligible; SB 3.33.6
kalpate is equal; SB 4.3.25
kalpate to be considered ready; SB 4.5.8
kalpate becomes fit; SB 6.1.12
kalpate capable; SB 7.6.16
kalpate is capable; SB 7.8.50
kalpate becomes eligible; SB 7.10.9
na kalpate is not suitable; SB 7.11.33-34
kalpate it is so accepted; SB 8.5.48
arthatvāya kalpate should be considered in our favor; SB 8.21.24
kalpate is fit; SB 10.2.37
kalpate does become so; SB 10.5.28
kalpate can be imagined; SB 10.6.34
kalpate is to be taken that way; SB 10.8.4
kalpate amounts to; SB 10.14.12
kalpate leads; SB 10.22.26
kalpate appears; SB 10.46.39
kalpate can attain; SB 10.51.52
kalpate is effected; SB 10.54.43
kalpate is competent; SB 10.81.3
kalpate leads; SB 10.82.44
salilatvāya kalpate becomes water; SB 11.3.13
kalpate achieves; SB 11.5.52
kalpate qualifies one; SB 11.11.34-41
kalpate becomes; SB 11.21.21
kalpate is capable of displaying; SB 11.24.21
kalpate create; SB 11.27.18
kalpate generates; SB 11.28.14
kalpate he becomes qualified; SB 11.29.34
pralayatvāya kalpate becomes unmanifest; SB 12.4.14
kalpate brings about; CC Adi 4.23
kalpate one imagines; CC Madhya 8.40
kalpate is meant; CC Madhya 8.89
kalpate is quite befitting; CC Madhya 13.160
kalpate becomes eligible; CC Madhya 16.186
kalpate becomes eligible; CC Madhya 18.125
kalpate is eligible; CC Madhya 22.103
kalpate is eligible; CC Antya 4.194