kamala-patra-akṣa O lotus-eyed one; BG 11.2
kamala-āsana-stham sitting on the lotus flower; BG 11.15
kamala-locana O lotus-eyed one; SB 3.14.15
kamala-locanā lotus-eyed; SB 4.30.13
kamala-nābhāya unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, from whose abdomen the original lotus flower originated; SB 4.30.25
kamala-māline who is always decorated with a garland of lotus flowers; SB 4.30.25
kamala-pādāya whose feet are as beautiful and fragrant as the lotus flower; SB 4.30.25
kamala-īkṣaṇa whose eyes are exactly like the petals of the lotus flower; SB 4.30.25
kamala-kiñjalka like the saffron in a lotus flower; SB 4.30.26
kamala-ākaram the source of lotus flowers; SB 5.2.4
kamala-kośa of the whorl of a lotus flower; SB 5.16.5
kamala āsanasya of Lord Brahmā, whose sitting place is on the lotus flower; SB 5.20.29
ańghri-kamala of lotus feet; SB 5.25.4
kara-kamala of the lotus hands; SB 6.16.25
kamala-āsanaḥ Lord Brahmā; SB 7.10.33
kamala-locanā lotus-eyed; SB 8.8.30
kamala-locanā lotus-eyed; SB 9.3.2
kamala-locanaḥ whose eyes are like lotus petals; SB 9.16.25
kamala-locanāḥ with eyes like lotus petals; SB 9.18.5
kamala-patra-akṣi O beautiful woman with eyes like the petals of a lotus; SB 9.20.11
kamala-patra-akṣaḥ whose eyes are like lotus petals; SB 10.15.41
kamala of a lotus; SB 10.16.9
kamala-upahārāḥ carrying offerings of lotus flowers; SB 10.21.15
kamala-locanaḥ the lotus-eyed; SB 10.43.30
kamala lotuslike; SB 10.46.48
kamala-īkṣaṇaḥ lotus-eyed; SB 10.55.31
kamala lotuslike; SB 10.62.14
kamala of a lotus; SB 10.65.4-6
kamala of a lotus; SB 10.66.4
kamala (like a) lotus; SB 10.72.4
kamala of lotuses; SB 10.90.23
kamala-patra-akṣa O lotus-eyed Lord; SB 11.27.5
kamala-kośa holding lotus flowers; SB 12.6.71
kamala-locana with lotus eyes; CC Adi 3.44
kamala-nayāna eyes like lotus flowers; CC Adi 5.185
kamala-nayanera of the lotus-eyed; CC Adi 6.31
kamala-akṣa the lotus-eyed; CC Adi 6.31
kamala-nayana Kamala-nayana; CC Adi 10.111
kamalā unto Kamalākānta Viśvāsa; CC Adi 12.44
kamala lotus flower; CC Adi 16.41
kamala lotus flower; CC Adi 16.79
kamala lotus flowers; CC Madhya 1.158
kamala-nayana lotus-eyed; CC Madhya 5.137
kamala-pure to the place known as Kamalapura; CC Madhya 5.141
kamala-locana eyes like lotus petals; CC Madhya 8.18
kamala-nayana the lotus eyes; CC Madhya 8.270
kamala-nayana the lotus-eyed Lord Jagannātha; CC Madhya 11.35
kamala-nayana lotus eyes; CC Madhya 12.58
vadana-kamala the lotuslike face; CC Madhya 12.211
praphulla-kamala blossoming lotus flower; CC Madhya 12.212
pada-kamala tomāra Your lotus feet; CC Madhya 13.141
śrī-mukha-kamala the lotuslike face; CC Madhya 13.168
kamalā tangerines; CC Madhya 14.27
caraṇa-kamala lotus feet; CC Madhya 15.156
kamala-nayana eyes like the petals of a lotus flower; CC Madhya 17.108
kamala like lotus flowers; CC Madhya 21.129
kamala-bhuvaḥ of Lord Brahmā, who took his birth from the lotus flower; CC Madhya 24.120
kamala-vanam a forest of lotus flowers; CC Antya 1.169
kamala-netre whose lotus eyes; CC Antya 5.112
kamala caraṇa lotuslike feet; CC Antya 11.33
kamala-locana the lotus-eyed Lord Jagannātha; CC Antya 13.103
kamalā tangerines; CC Antya 18.104
kamala the lotus flower; CC Antya 19.94